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The confusion of minor languages

by Athos A. Altomonte

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"Restoring" the originality of initiatory topics, extracting them from "doctrinal confusion" and "philosophical conflicts" of minor traditions, means being able to "travel backwards" towards the world of causes, neglecting the world of effects. This is the journey that the researcher must complete.

It is the journey of the man who doesn't give in to the interpretations of the exoterical re-veiling (re-veil = veil twice) but goes in search of the ideal point where reality and imagination started blending, enough to confuse the ideas where principles are reflected.

In order to elevate one's own center of conscience and leave imagination, it is necessary to go back along the line of intellectual disorder (chaos). We must destroy the external form of concepts and penetrate the meanings of the literal and exoterical forms in order to reach the soul of the word.

The occult meaning of the word will reveal its "power", which every Initiate is instructed to recognize and use. It is a sound that has the power to "evoke" (generate) mental images (forms), feelings and emotions or the power to destroy them, dispersing them and freeing the energies that "animated" them making them live substance.

Semantic analysis, analogy, correlation and intuitiveness clear the path of the traveler; they are tools that help reconstruct every meaning according to proportions and geometries ideal for the representation of the original thought.

The Science of Harmonics (see H. Kaiser and the Pythagorean school) includes mental representations. Through mathematical guidelines, it shows how to build a process of harmonization between form, concepts and the prime idea (see synthesis: mental operation that organizes in a unitary perspective elements that would otherwise be individual and multifold) that was its matrix.

By harmonizing the meaning of the expressive form we can go from the figurative formulation of the language (exoterical expression) to the synthesis of the idea (esoterical expression) that various idioms try in vain to transmit. But the instrument that can suitably represent an idea, by itself synthetic and immediate, is not a language but the symbol.

The inner component of the symbol and not its exterior form protects the synthesis of the idea, viz. it preserves its "global" meaning. On the contrary, the figurative literal form interprets the synthetic meaning of the idea and therefore it changes its sense, hugely dilating its representation. Only a procedure able to "reverse" the process of dilation of the literal form will be able to invalidate the obvious distortions brought to the originality of the idea. Especially in cases when the meanings of the idea have been shadowed by the obvious inability of its interpreters.

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