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On initiatory conscience

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q : Is the journey of Reawakening to be intended within the boundaries of one's own mental structure, beyond which it is not possible to proceed? That is, does free will exist or are we tied to our being?

A : The ‘Freedom of choice' connects us to the physical reason, because it is a result of it.

Free Will, on the contrary, is an aspect of the will of the (superior) Ego and of the soul (let's not dwell upon words, which are only conventions, but let's look at the meaning).

Therefore free choice is attracted by ‘practical' ideas and feelings which are its raison d'être; Free Will , on the contrary, is attracted by and recognizes similarity, ideas and feelings of super-conscience (soul) because it is its sphere of belonging.

In conclusion, freedom of choice (result of physical reason) helps at first, but then it becomes a limiting ‘weight', because it tends to go back to its original status, which is physical.

At first Free Will is unperceivable, it looks like it's not there. But once the ‘inner bridge' that joins mind, conscience and super conscience (soul) has been built, Free Will becomes the compass of the ‘Traveler', necessary to orient oneself with judgment in the unknown parts of ‘our' conscience. We must add that it is not even an individual aspect, because its ‘conscious intelligence' interacts with the ‘whole', with the Anima Mundi and the Spiritus Volatilis, which are the two ‘tangible' aspects of planetary energy.

Unfortunately it is difficult to be clearer in such a short answer.

Q: Is Gnosis a symbol, an idea or a being?

A : It is a ‘status of conscience' [ knowledge by contact or direct knowledge, in other terms illumination ] which occurs with the contact between physical conscience (that uses physical senses) and super-physical conscience (that uses hyper-physical senses).

Super-physical conscience or super-conscience or impersonal conscience or spiritual conscience, however you want to call it, is the part that holds the ‘past memory' of the soul (see Causal Body), viz. the memory of the whole ‘life' of the soul.

Q: It is clear what atheists and religious believers are; what do esotericists believe in?

A : I don't know what esotericists believe in. But I can tell you what initiates teach: to travel an inner journey that corrects mistakes and heads towards a status of illumination that appears (reawakening) in the Fusion of every part of Oneself. From the most material part (physical reason, earth element and emotional mind, water element) to the most aerial part (abstract mind, air element) up to the re-cognition of the spiritual conscience (fire element) that revives, illuminates and regenerates everything.


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