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Love and Death
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Love is always a beginning, whilst death is the accomplishment of an instant. It is a goal but also a life phenomenon that produces the ‘change'. It is a transformation against which we often fight without any other meaning but the fear to get lost. But once accessed the passage, do we really get lost? In order to answer we must have the courage to enter, first.

Love is a feeling, sometimes it is an emotion. Some other times, though, it is only passion, desire for possession and most of all the result of selfishness.

For the Initiate, Love with the capital "L" hides, in the metaphor, the order of a natural law: the law of attraction-rejection (see Law of Attraction and Rejection ) and another of a greater order: the magnetic vibration that generates sound and colors.

This is part of a long intellectual journey necessary to reach initiatory mastery.

A fraternal friend has been able to express himself quite well on the subject with the following words.


Wrathful Friend

from Viaggiatori d'Occidente (Western Travelers, Note of the Translator) by Giancarlo Piciarelli


Come, let's seat around a table and talk.

You say I stole your time and you are tired of waiting for me.

You say I avoid your eyes, I pretend you are not next to me.

You say the next time you won't leave without me.

But now calm down; don't raise your voice, after all you are only Death, not God.

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