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The art of deciding
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q : ...with regard to the Initiatory Praxis I wonder, and perhaps here lies my lack of understanding, if it is clear what we need to become; do research and study have a time for verification? Could I plan the goal to reach in little steps? G.

A : It's easily said. The definition of Builder is not vain. Like a builder of Temples the aspirant, with the help of an ‘architect' (an advanced initiate) plans how to build his own ‘inner temple', viz. Himself, through a bridge of conscience that joins the ‘land of personality' to the ‘sky of soul' or pure intellect.

On the other hand the inner building, like any other building, doesn't start from walls or foundations, but from a ‘perfect project'.

The project must depend on the raw materials available to us (ourselves, our abilities). Only after reviewing our ‘realities' we can decide what we can become. Unfortunately many people don't want to be subjected to these ‘realities' and they fall in the delusion of ‘appearing'.

Therefore we must do it. Perhaps with the help of the ‘ friend architect ' but avoiding contractors, who are just improvised builders.

The fundamental issue is learning to ‘decide'.

If we don't learn how to decide (it is a refined Art) we cannot start doing! But to decide means to ‘cut' branches and stems; at the beginning the latter belong to ourselves, therefore very few people want to learn to decide. It's easier to laissez-faire , let go, as it comes. Therefore for each personal failure we will be able to blame someone else, the government, society or God.


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