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Free men of good report
by Athos A. Altomonte
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: Now, granting the fact that the whole population of the globe has these requirements [they are free men of good report] …

A : To grant that the whole humankind is ‘free and of good report' is a hyperbole, a utopia. He that is without sin among you, Jesus said, let him first cast a stone. And no stone was cast.

Therefore being morally impeccable, viz. being a person of good report is a journey that bristles with difficulties.

It is a possible hope, but in conclusion of a long and difficult initiatory process (metamorphosis).

To wish to become people (men and women) ‘of good report', to become ‘free', viz. released from every earthly bond ( the laces and strings mentioned by Saint Augustine ) is an even more distant hypothesis.

To be free doesn't only mean to stop being a vulgar entity free from every material passion, but also from every desire, even subtle like ‘wishing' to serve one's own God.

The initiatory path, seen from this point of view, is not any more a superficial mention, but a path filled with fullness and sacrifice.

It is no use ‘to pay a subscription fee' to an association to access it. Despite the fact that many people think so, this is not true.

Indeed, we must not confuse mental speculation with true initiatory fulfillment, which is a journey of totally inner ‘change'; it is not enough to consider oneself a disciple if one doesn't meet the Master and the guide.


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