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Castel del Monte, an energy-point
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q : I cannot but confirm the impressions mentioned previously: i) As soon as I saw the shape of the octagon from the distance I stopped and stared at it for some time – totally attracted by something I cannot describe with words; ii) It is obvious that in eight centuries nobody has built anything nearby – the octagon stands out clearly and isolated; iii) The octagon has not been built as a living space, therefore it is not a castle, etc…; it is a Philosopher's Dwelling, a place non-place where one can be engrossed in meditation.

A : Dear Bro, not long ago I pointed out to another Bro some correspondences, let's call them energetic-planetary, which are well suited both to the so-called esoteric tradition (but I prefer the steadier initiatory science) and to traditional science, such as geophysics, gravitational grid, nuclear physics and synergetic mathematics.

In other words, the data suggest the knowledge of an energetic interaction between sky and earth, viz. between earth (the planet) and earth (the human being) and spiritual sky (nuclear) and energetic spirit of man (the atom-seed in his perennial structure).

The energetic grid (see Imago Templi 3.2 ) that crosses the planet in two directions corresponds to bipolar canalizations of energy (positive-negative). It is the same grid that forms the energetic structure of every living being, which popular ignorance called masculine-feminine, but which finds a clear representation in the (meridian) structure of Chinese acupuncture, in Yin and Yang.

This view is shared by both traditional and modern scientific knowledge.

Since ancient times, in every hemisphere there was awareness of the positive-negative coincidences that crossed territories with points of highest confirmation for the coincidence of two pluses and two minuses . Many of these beneficial crosses (both vertical and horizontal) were known and ‘marked' by particular items. Whilst on the negative points gathered terrific legends in order to keep curious and occasional passers-by at bay (such as the access to hell, for example).

From all this we can get the impression that most of the great mysterial and mystic myths are focused on the knowledge of energetic radiations (auras) perceivable from the individual magnetic field as well. These radiations can affect (by exalting or depressing) the psycho-physical ‘tone' of the human being. Therefore we have reached the principle according to which energy produces motion, which produces sound, which produces color and they all converge to the production of visible, but only apparently solid forms.

This point could be a good start for dealing with wider topics. Even though I know that ‘average esotericism' is not attracted by discussions lacking ‘arcane' or ‘wondrous' things (see fairy tale). But despite being negative, this ‘rejection' can be useful, as an example of the ways to get to the concept of elite. Indeed, the latter is often reached only thanks to the disinterest of the majority for topics that are therefore left to a few people to deal with.


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