Imago Templi / Book III - 2nd part
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Index : The Chain of Unification – Method for the construction of a Chain of Unification – The Chain of Unification, universal symbol and sign of science

The Chain of Unification

Like with all the other topics, here as well we will forgo the pursuit of interpretations and meanings that we could easily find in a theory of publications traded to the profane World by a multitude of aspirants to a Masonic degree that they have never actually achieved; we will just drive certain points of reference into the turbulent ground of our minds, which are essential for the construction of our reasoning.

The Chain of Unification cannot be but Universal ; it is made of elements that are certainly not just the mere physical or ‘political' presence of the Mason.

As we have already had the chance to observe, many men confuse the internationalism of Freemasonry with Universalism. It is an ordinary mistake of the ordinary man to confuse politics with Masonic intellectualism; since the latter makes thoughts, it doesn't follow or lavish opinions.

This ordinary man, clever profane but fool Mason, is to be considered as a virus to look out for and protect from.

Accepting the assumption of the Universal reality of the Chain, we might consider the Communions that make it as its links, although they are often broken by profane and anti-initiatory interests of managers inadequate to their own duties and to recognize and gather the needs of the Order and of the Brothers that ‘constitute it' .

The Lodges of a Communion should be protected and nurtured in harmonious agreement by those who have the duty to do so , as links of a lesser Chain but not for this less valuable. Here we realize that if the macroscopic principle of a Chain of Unification is universality, we should consider the Masons that make each individual Lodge as the microscopic principle.

Perhaps, then, in the future we will understand that in order to create a true and perfect Lodge, that is integrated and harmonized with the other links of the Communion and in order for the links to allow the Communion to be Link of the Great Universal Chain, we will have to follow a method of construction, like in past epochs. It cannot be a simple confused and random assembling of men unaware of a secular Path of Knowledge, for which Brothers have given the best of themselves, but we will consider a simple method for the construction of a Chain of Unification.

Method for the construction of a Chain of Unification

Chain of Unification, this is the term given to the physical representation of the will for cohesion and attracting energy through which the group exists and lives; if they were missing, the phenomenon of crumbling and detachment of composts would occur, which in the human body is called death.

Following the topic of the Plumb line , the Brother Builder who has the possibility, the ability and the will (three-fold) to stop and establish as much as possible on the vertical axis of the Mind in the highest visualization and conceptualization, will naturally become a point of magnetic attraction, through the energy expressed by thought, actions and words.

The attraction of other Brothers by affinity or similitude will be initially asymmetrical; it is the duty of the Brother who seats in the Wheel-Hub to accelerate the distant and slow brothers and to slow down the closer and faster ones.

When the Mason that occupies the steady seat at the Center of the Wheel thinks that the Brothers in the group are equidistant, he will start building the circumference, forcing the rays to recognize each other and join together , at their left as well as at their right side.

Whilst the first part of the work will be facilitated by the building of personal Bridges between the hub and the periphery, like the rays of a wheel where intimacy and personalized relations interact, both for contents and language, in the following stage difficulties and dangers will be met.

Dangers: a Bro. gifted with charisma, aware of his own abilities and gifted with the eloquence deriving from a wider experience and knowledge might, and he must place all his attention to this, enchant a younger and inexperienced Bro. up to inducing in him an emotional transference such that, if it isn't resolutely broken by the instructor, it might lead to a status of psychological subjection that would dangerously prevent any possibility of growth, advancement and free thought of choice and criticism.

The instructor must never be complacent for the sympathy or attention he earns among the Bros.

Just as dangerous is to not immediately recognize, in the younger Brother, the possibility of a jealous and aggressive reaction to the appearance of an older Brother in the territory that he thought belonged exclusively to him, a new arrival that for him is not a brother but a simple stranger.

This difficulty must be faced at the beginning of the Construction of a Chain, when the components don't recognize each other, don't know and can't cooperate with each other; it stops with the construction of a circumference.

The awareness of each component of the Chain is necessary to interact on the Circumference; the man who seats in the center cannot and must not try and act on it but through the assertion of the same Brothers that make it (Justice) and never for personal reasons, unless he is a counter-initiator or a black Operator.

When the Circumference made by the Bridge between links and by Brothers will be built, the man who occupies the Center of the Wheel will leave that seat to the Eggregore ; he will retire and integrate with the Circumference.

The Chain is accomplished and a true and perfect Lodge is born, ready to continue the Work in a wider horizon.

In a Chain so conceived and carried out, we will find the occult meaning of the Knots through which qualified energy of the Eggregore of the Order in the Work of the Builders flows.

In order to increase the strength of this union, those who know can make the Word flow , which must be Dynamic (centrifugal) towards the right side and Magnetic (centripetal) towards the left side.

The Centers of each individual Wheel make the Circumference of a bigger wheel and the latter makes a bigger one.

Obtaining the access to the Brotherly Chain of Universal Freemasonry also involves this awareness and the will to truly experience it. Remember that you cannot see things that others see and hear. Don't delude yourself, there isn't another path.

Decide in free conscience what you want to become and do it.

Decide in free conscience what you want to do and do it.

At this point, fight until the end, even with a sword. But don't commit if you first don't know what you want to be and how to become as such.

The Chain of Unification, universal symbol and sign of science

The Brother introduced to Initiatory Freemasonry with the degree of Apprentice is shown the first Symbol of the Universal Chain.

We will consider only the part of the symbol that is useful to explain the previous concepts, without accessing properly the third level.

The first action will be to focus and observe in order to understand, in the images, the meanings and analogies between the Symbol of the Chain, the method of Unification in the Masonic Temple of the Three Lights and finally the Chain of Unification made in the Temple by all the Brothers composing the Lodge, as expression of +, - and 0 energy.

We should take note of the change of energetic values in each circular representation where there are four real stages.

Viktor Schauberger , in his theory on implosion, states: the secret of life is in bipolarity; without opposite poles in nature there is no attraction or repulsion.

Without attraction and repulsion there is no movement and without movement there is no life.

If we just considered the Esoteric Meaning of what we have explained so far, the result would perhaps be a sense of charm and mystery but we would be in the field of unusable and abstract elements for the outside World.

It would be better for us to start joining esoteric and scientific meanings through the bridge of our mind, finding a common representation for both.

We know, because it is repeated several times, that the Temple is the representation of the Planetary Logos.

So, why do many people struggle to understand that what happens inside it, through the men that work in it, has a counterpart of meaning that goes beyond the sense of the Ritual itself and becomes similar to the reality of the Planet as a living Entity?

We will conclude the short treatment of this subject by considering in all simplicity how the Chain of Unification of the Brothers, in the Temple that represents the Planet, has undeniable analogies with certain conclusions of modern science on the subject of energy.

I invite you to reflect on the image that follows:

It faithfully reproduces the study carried out for NASA by American scientists Becker and Hagens on the anti-gravitational magnetic ‘ band ' present in the energetic grid of the planet Earth. But let's not go any deeper into this concept.

For now, we should be lucky to find the point of unification between esoteric, symbolic and scientific aspects.

This will allow us to look at the next topics with a view of mind less and less profane, wider and clearer, sufficient for each of us to develop our own analysis in full freedom.

Freedom of thought is reached only after having learnt and known.

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