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Who needs the ‘Pied Pipers’?
by Athos A. Altomonte
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: The Catholic Church has spread news of its condemnation of the New Age movement through the Press …

A : Dear friend, I am not attracted to religious institutions that become dogmatic empires or to ingenuous and spontaneous but ‘kitsch' movements that commercialize themselves and become aphrodisiac for the mind of naïve people. As usual the truth is in the middle and therefore: there is nothing new under the sun.

The church of Rome is a religious institution that, like any other human institution, has made mistakes and sinned , but always ‘with the best intentions' (!?).

It has committed moral mistakes (religious wars and genocides) and technical ones when it wanted to submit scientific realities to its religious criteria. But you can't practice religion with science.

In order to defend its own conviction, the church of Rome accused of heresy the people who stated that the humankind was older than 6,000 years, as written in the Bible (?) or who stated that the earth was round, and so on.

Why be surprised? Any power tends to preserve itself and try to survive, looking after number one by hook or by crook.

Innovators or restorers ( and Jesus was a great Restorer ) trouble the established authority that is founded on ancient theories that time makes unstable.

But the subject is too wide to be limited in examples of intolerance, which happens because nowadays the world extremisms are in turmoil.

Furthermore, political extremisms are accompanied by religious ones and vice versa. They are all ready to defend with the sword the source of their tradition (?). They create regional, national and trans-national opposition fronts that preach intolerance, which only brings blood, as history teaches us.

Nevertheless, it looks like the humankind is a stupid child who doesn't have memory of his own mistakes. It keeps chasing the (wonderful) promises of the ‘Pied pipers' forgetting that it only got ‘bruises on the head' by doing that.

I am a free thinking man; therefore I dissociate myself from crusades of any color.

Furthermore, I am immune from conservatism and imperialism, especially if it is theocratic.

I am sorry to see that many ‘children' old of body still need to follow a ‘Pied Piper' to find a reason for their life. And I wonder why, where does this need come from?


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