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The symbol of the mirror
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q : …I found this text very interesting and beautiful. F.

« The Essence is only revealed in the form of the predisposition of the individual that receives such revelation and nothing different ever happens. Therefore the subject that receives the essential revelation will only see his own ‘form' in the mirror of God; he won't see God, it is impossible for him to see Him, although he knows that he can't see his ‘form' other than through the divine mirror. This is completely similar to what happens in a material mirror: if you contemplate forms, you don't see the mirror but you know that you can see the forms or your own form only thanks to the mirror. Therefore God is the mirror where you can see yourself, likewise you are His mirror where He contemplates His Names. Well, they are nothing but Himself . .» - Ibn al ‘Arabî

A : Dear Friend, the mirror is certainly an interesting metaphor. In my opinion, it brings back to the duty of ‘knowing thyself'.

But how? What is it, where is it and how do you use the ‘initiatory speculum'? This is the question that the researcher asks himself. My research brought me to know the metaphor of mind and conscience in the ‘mirror'. The ancient traces all lead to this direction.

Nevertheless, very few ‘Travelers' appeal to it. Perhaps because, since we all live in a dark world, the idea of achieving the ‘inner light', which is not only light of truth (the truth is pain) but presence of soul and spirit, is scary. It is not impossible to reach it and I am positive that out of all that is possible to ‘make' of ourselves and with ourselves, to learn to produce ‘light' (light of love, intellectual, creative and spiritual light) is the best achievement.

Therefore I wish you light, Athos.

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