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Death: process of liberation and re-unification
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q : [...] I have a question... we should consider if the ‘restitution to the universal' occurs with the full awareness of the being in question or…this individual life crumbles and forms another life…I hope this question is not out of place or banal. L.

A : Dear friend, the matter is not out of place, let alone banal. The question directly touches the ‘core of the matter' of true Initiation.

We should perhaps postpone the full treatment of the matter you propose, because the question involves a Greater context than what is normally dealt with in surface esotericism. In the meantime, we can synthetically talk about the topic in this terms: the ‘universal restitution' (using the same figurative term) of the energy that ‘animates' the matter of the physical body occurs unconsciously for the personality of the physical man, who is not yet ‘linked' with life and the intelligent will of this ‘energy'.

Lacking a ‘link' between material substance (physical mind) and animic essence (again using a usual term) the energy held and kept by the physical mind (the personality of man with its entire passional links), as you say ‘…crumbles' and disperses in order to go back to the amalgam of its Mother Form.

Man (as an individual and separated form of thought) truly dies, slowly melting his individuality into the ‘vitality' of space. In actual fact, though, if we look closer, in the physical death what really dies is concrete thought, viz. his memory.

At first, the matter of the body of the physical man disperses; afterwards, the thought linked to the same body, viz. the ‘physical memory' slowly ‘obscures itself' up to dissolution. If he is emotionally ‘linked' only to the thoughts of his physical memory, he dies with it; in other words, the physical man is only what he thinks and if this thought stops existing he does as well. Therefore, although in terms of energy death ‘doesn't exist', it does exist in his memory. This ‘death of memory' complicates the terms of ‘conscience recovery' of the following ‘incarnation' of the intelligent being that ‘animates' his own matter, like the diver animates his suit when he goes deep down in water. But it is not so forever.

If we move the terms of the matter, we can change the ‘link' of personal conscience, slowly adding a further link. It is the edge of conscience in contact with the conscience of the soul (let's keep calling it that).

Before moving on, though, it is better to repeat a concept from which for a long time the worst misunderstandings (to use a euphemism) have arisen in the devotional field. The second link we are talking about is not to the detriment of the first one, which is addressed to the physical part. The first link, which brings the individual conscience in contact with impulses, emotions, desires and passion of the ‘physical-animal' nature, will be used as a means to educate one's own lower nature to the ‘light' of the higher one. This double thread that crosses us and links the lower and higher nature and integrates them, is the thread of ‘consciousness'. The conscience of self is the consciousness of what we really are in every part of us. This consciousness re-veils ( see note1 ) us for what we really are and goes through us integrating every compartment of our complex nature.

This ‘thread of consciousness' (called conscience bridge or antahkarana) that ‘re-settles' the different natures of our identity can't break the ‘presence in ourselves' of our consciousness, not even after the activity of the lower part has finished with the ‘death' of the physical body.

Resuming: with the second link (which doesn't deny the existence of the first, which ‘absolutist spirits' of devotional cults wrongly attack) we are re-born to the intelligence and the will of the being that animates us with ‘its life'. With the re-birth of personality in actual fact the descent is completed, viz. the incarnation of the soul in the physical world started many eras ago. In the link soul and personality become one, finding each other as parts of the same Unity of conscience. Mind you: this Unity of conscience has always contained both.

Whilst in this link the soul resolves the drive, caused by the Unity, to take possession and ‘dominate' its lower kingdom, immortality is revealed to the personality, until now separated from its higher nature. Because the soul doesn't die! By connecting to its conscience, we can't lose the individual conscience either. Indeed, if we have only the first link with intelligence (so to speak) of the physical and animal nature we die, because by death we mean the dispersion of the physical body and, in particular, the dissolution of the conscious mind with the consequential loss of memory of self. But this, that is the loss of conscience of self, in the link with the ‘soul' doesn't happen any more.

Therefore man crosses the threshold of Change in full conscience. This is the result of true Initiation, where the (true) Initiate can say: I know immortality.

It is not possible to go deeper into the subject, because we would cross the limits of a simple essay and start a treaty. But I hope that the cue I offered is stimulating enough to drive your attention on the journey I have mentioned. It is a journey made of initiatory and spiritual Will. It is a perfectly scientific although traditional journey (this is the reason for the term initiatory science) which has nothing to share with the cult of personalities (even when they are influential) and icons of any nature.




(1) Ri-vela in Italian has a double meaning; as reveal and re-veil (veil twice).

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