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Fundamental Laws

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Index: The seven Laws of the Soul and Group Life - Definition of Law

After introducing esoteric Psychology and The Science of the Rays, we will briefly review the main Laws that guide the inner universe of the Disciple. At first this review might look like a boring as well as useless academic exposition; the young scholar shouldn't be tempted to "skip over". The Laws that we will list are the Fundaments for all those who aspire to Initiation, but not only that; Masters often refer to them when dealing with their subjects, therefore they are always an important reference and for the moment even reading their names will give the young scholar advantages. As well as have an idea of what they are, he will be able to see their links; even only thinking about their names will give useful information.

The Laws that rule the universe are divided as follows:

The Three Greater Laws:

1) Law of Economy; 2) Law of Attraction; 3) Law of Synthesis.

The Seven Lesser Laws that rule the Solar System:

1) Law of Vibration; 2) Law of Cohesion; 3) Law of Disintegration; 4) Law of Magnetic Control; 5) Law of Fixation; 6) Law of Love; 7) Law of Sacrifice and Death.

The Seven Fundamental Laws of the Soul.

The three greater Laws:

1) Law of Sacrifice; 2) Law of Magnetic Impulse; 3) Law of Service.

The four lesser Laws:

4) Law of Rejection; 5) Law of Group Progress; 6) Law of expansive Response; 7) Law of the Lesser Four (Quaternary).

The occult meaning of these Laws is hidden in the high Masonic degrees of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.

The seven Laws of the Soul and Group Life

Ordinary man tends to separation, whilst the Laws that rule the life of the Soul tend to cohesion and Group progress. Depending on its extension, this Group can be called Hierarchy, Order, Community or Brotherhood.

The Three greater Laws:

1) Law of Sacrifice;

2) Law of Magnetic Impulse;

3) Law of Service;

The four lesser Laws:

4) Law of Rejection;

5) Law of Group progress;

6) Law of expansive Response;

7) Law of the Lesser Four (Quaternary).

The Law of Sacrifice:

exoteric denomination:

Law of Sacrifice;

esoteric denomination:

Law of Those who choose to die (in their animal nature);


a pink cross with a golden bird (esoteric symbol of the Rose and Cross);

Ray energy:

Effusion of unifying energy of the 4th Ray (integration of the opposites through Harmony).

The "cohesion" of these three impulses, Law of Sacrifice, magnetic Impulse and Service reached its complete manifestation during the Age of Pisces (the Age of Christ). This cohesion produced the «impulse to give» which corresponded to the sense of forgiveness and atonement. When man identifies himself with the Soul (his true Self) and not any more with the form that contains him, the transitory self that lasts only a cycle of animal life (personality) understands the meaning of this Law; he spontaneously lets it rule him and he deliberately chooses to "die in the form (the lower passion of the form) without any pain or suffering or true death". This Law is called the Law of Salvation that leads to the abandonment of ephemeral and illusory profits.

For the Disciple life becomes a series of detachments until he learns that "there isn't true sacrifice or true pain in renouncing ephemeralness". Renunciation comes naturally with discrimination (the right judgment in giving value, weight and measure to the things of the physical world). The ability to discriminate, which is not the sense of favoring one thing above another, is followed by indifference and detachment from futile events and concepts.

Law of Magnetic Impulse:

exoteric denomination:

Law of Magnetic Impulse;

esoteric denomination:

Law of Polar Unification (between any opposite polarities such as + and -);


Two globes of fire and a triangle of irradiating energy;

Ray energy:

Energy of the 2nd Ray.

On the levels above the mental one this Law rules relationship, action, exchange and reciprocal interpretation among the seven Groups of Soul that, in the formal world, express the seven qualities of the Ray. It also rules the relationships among the Souls which, although separated in the physical manifestation, are always in communication with each other. In the Kingdom of the Soul the Law of Magnetic Impulse corresponds to the law of Attraction in the phenomenal world. It is the Law that affects the Human race the most. It rules the relation among the Souls of a Group and those of other Groups that work on a different Ray.

Law of Service:

exoteric denomination:

Law of Service;

esoteric denomination:

Law of the Water (Age of Aquarius) and Pisces (continuation of the Age of Pisces, the Christ-Jesus);


A man with a jug of water;

Ray energy:

Vivifying energy of the 6th Ray.

The Way of the Service is the Path of the Initiate's Work par excellence. With his activity of Service the Initiate offers his abilities for "the Benefit of the humankind"; it is still the Service that rules the Order and the right relations in the Group and among the Groups, where everybody works according to the precise instructions of a Ray. But to undertake a form of autonomous service without the control of an Instructor, before reaching complete control over one's lower nature (the astral body) is the activity where, I regret to say, improvisation, indiscipline and presumptuousness of young proselytes causes great damages to the Work of the Masters. It is common among proselytes who haven't been accepted yet to talk nonsense about the Masters, thinking they are showing that they "know" Their Teachings (?), which have always been hidden to the masses; showing that they can interpret their intention, discussing words that for them are still "dead letter". The ignorance of such individuals is just smaller than their mouths and the amount of air pointlessly used to affirm their ideas and personal opinions about something they haven't got a clue about.

Such devotees give such a "humanized" image of the Great Initiates and Great Guides of the humankind that makes them look like pious and devoted men. To focus on a humanized image of the Masters means to reduce them to a simple object of personal cult in front of eyes that don't see and minds that don't understand. If those who know nothing about the Masters but their exterior image want to undertake "their own life of service", they will usually make one up that suits their needs and their narrow personal views, from which they can still gain an illusory gratification thinking they are doing "something" important, spiritual and universal. This clearly shows how astralness (as sphere of desire) and delusion are two ferments that ooze in the field of "esoteric voluntary service", soiling the good intentions of many aspirants not yet called to the threshold of Discipleship. We know for sure that the ignorance and foolish devotion of zealous aspirants have caused to the Work of the Hierarchy more damage than the dark influence of opposite Powers.

We know for sure that the last thing that a Member of the Hierarchy wants, when he is busy pursuing the achievement of a Project for which he has identified the right timing, is to find himself surrounded by a cheering crowd of devotees and "occasional collaborators" (think about this term), who try and attract his attention pulling him left, right and center. This is why the Builders move quietly, accepting as collaborators only men who have passed the Point of no return. They will look for intelligent and educated disciples that have given full proof of their discretion and ability to pursue the Ideal of the Common Project, instead of cultivating the cult for the figure of the Master that promotes the Project. Masters want men prepared to educate themselves in order to turn their old habits into qualities. In other words they need people who are willing to change first and then to serve.

The Hierarchy doesn't want devotees but Disciples who follow their Teachings. People who want to refine their abilities for the Common Service, who don't make up, as it usually happens, a form of personal and separated service, fussing without any reference, undertaking esoteric adventures without a clue, promoting unrequested actions that they believe useful for the spiritual Ideal, but that in actual fact often go to the opposite direction. Therefore in order to collaborate with a Master one must first of all learn the Rule of Silence and completely devote himself to learn and understand. Most of all one must learn to always respect (even when talking to other aspirants) the image of a Master that he doesn't know yet; one must learn not to divulge nonsense that "can be used against Him" making him look like a phenomenon, a strange and mysterious object to submit to the ambiguous and often nasty curiosity of profane ignorance; "don't cast pearls before swine", one of Them recommended.

First of all we must learn the responsibility that we have towards the Hierarchy if we claim to be its affiliates. If the man who speaks "in the name of" a Master or his Teaching is not fully competent; if the topics he exposes are so imprecise or incomplete that they don't correspond to the truth any more, laying oneself open to materialistic and profane criticism due to an indefensible exposition, this will not obscure the image of the foolish aspirant, but it will be used to make the Teaching of the Master unbelievable ; these silly personal arguments will be used as an "arrow" against the wisdom of the Hierarchy. It is unbelievable how many "devoted aspirants" don't realize that what they say and what they do in their every day existence can nullify the Work of the Master in the environment they live in. They don't realize that with their foolishness they daily contribute to deteriorate the image of the Master "they love". For example, when they talk to materialistic people who are keen on hearing "curious" arguments, they provide with their silly chatter every reason to think that the initiatory sphere is an incredible pile of sub-culture, fantasy and superstition; such a childish fib is not approachable by educated and sensible people. This is the damage that pseudo-esotericists cause every day of their life, driven only by their opinions and ignorance; despite this, Masters never throw it back in their faces but simply let them go to their destiny.

The thought flies with the word; the recklessness of someone who isn't even a lesser initiate can bear dangers for the whole initiatory Communion. This is why the first stage of Discipleship is only a long period of education and Service "aimed at bettering oneself". Once reached the control of one's own lower emotions and expressed a personal independence, one will be able to address his "abilities" in helping others. But he will know what to do, when and how to do it.

When man works under the Law of Service, the following qualities appear in him: innocuousness ; deliberate abstention from actions or words that might offend or create misunderstandings; will not to hurt in any way one's own Group; non-judgment , that is willingness to let others free to act as they think best; criticism is replaced by "Sonorous silence" (see the Rule of Silence and how silence can become absolutely explosive).

The contact obtained with a Master or an Adept is only a result of the quality and intensity of the Service given to the humankind; the three educative systems that will be divulged will be useful to guide a bigger number of aspirants from unreal to real and from the aspiration to the achievement of initiation.

These systems are: Science of Meditation and Art of Visualization; Science of construction of Antahkarana, viz. the building of the "Connection Bridge" (Ars Pontificia) between the mind of the personal lower self and the higher Ego; Science of Service, viz. the Technique of Unification.

The quality of the Service and the ability to serve show a "well defined point" of the progress achieved by the Disciple on the Path of Initiation; it is not possible to serve spontaneously, lovingly and wisely before reaching this point. This Law is the influence that certain energies have on the planetary rhythm; they are energies and impulses that emanate from the zodiacal sign towards which we are directed. The Law of Service was fully expressed by Christ. He was the precursor of the Age of Aquarius when, after the long darkness of the Vulgar Age (the Iron Age or Kali Yuga) the spiritual afflatus will appear. Indeed, Christ claimed to be the "water of life" and the "live water" necessary to men. This is the esoteric definition of this Law. Symbolically the Law of Service is represented by a man with a jug on his head.

Law of Rejection:

exoteric denomination:

Law of Rejection;

esoteric denomination:

Law of Destructive Angels;


An Angel with a flaming sword;

Ray energy:

Rejecting energy of the 1st Ray.

It refers to the dispersion or rejection of the aspects of formal life and the repudiation of passional desire. It is expressed only through the higher part of the mental Plane; therefore it only works on the advanced Disciple. The action of rejection is the main requirement for the true knowledge of Self, because it divides, disperses but at the same time it reveals. It works through love and in the interest of the Unity (the divine Intention is Unity). It is an aspect of one of the highest cosmic laws, viz. the Law of cosmic Attraction (Attraction and Rejection are always combined). All that is attracted, in time will also be rejected. This is the sense of Regeneration and recreation of any form in the universe. This Law works through the energy of the forms (the soul of all forms) and doesn't act on the matter that undergoes its action only by reflection. Man understands and works with this Law only after the 3rd Initiation.

Law of Group progress:

exoteric denomination:

Law of Group progress;

esoteric denomination:

Law of Elevation


A Mountain and a Goat;

Ray energy:

The evolutionary factor is manifested through the cycles of the 7 th Ray. Rhythmic evolutionary spiral.

When the Disciple has established the right rhythms for working according to the directives of his own Group and undertakes in a certain and conscious way the expansions of self that is necessary for Initiation, he starts benefiting from the "drive" of the Law that rules individual and group Progress and he learns to follow it both intuitively and intellectually. By following the course of this Law we prepare to Initiation; it is important to realize that we must prepare to Initiation by ourselves. Indeed, the goal of a Group is not to perfect their members individually, although this happens by reflection, but it is for them to learn to coexist, integrate and strengthen reciprocally, up to the point of forming a Unity through which the energy of the spiritual Hierarchy can flow without obstacles and reach the humankind. This is the Service; it doesn't have charitable or solacing characteristics; it is directed towards the mental levels of man in order to accelerate the process of liberation from the sensual levels of astralness created by himself. Astralness is the Great delusion that imprisons man's feelings holding the humankind hostage.

The preliminaries to Group Work are: 1) Group Unity originated by Cohesion and Communion of intentions arising around the Common Project (for example by actively collaborating to the Service of the Hierarchy aimed at the Wellbeing of the humankind); whilst Group Integration originates from the practice of impersonal Love addressed to any Brother and Sister without distinction; 2) Group Meditation; this is focused on the seed-Thoughts suggested by the Master. To develop seed-Thoughts through visualization means to develop one's own creativity and to refine intuition. To develop the ability to visualize concepts and ideas in a three-dimensional way lights "the eye of the mind", which is a symbolic way to describe "vertical telepathy"; 3) Group Activity can be synthesized in three parts: Education, Service and Use of the Ritual.

The requirements for benefiting from the advantages of the Law of Elevation are purity of the body, domination of emotions and mental stability, which must be practiced daily. Both the relations among members of the same Group and members of different Groups will be based on the egoic values of the individuals (on the hierarchy of quality of values) and not on personal attachments and sympathies of single members.

* * * * *

We can now resume the first five Laws that directly concern aspirants and Disciples.

1) Law of Sacrifice / Physical unity: love for multitudes / Christ the Savior / the Servants of the world, those who follow the Saviors of the world "deliberately dying in desire daily" / altruism.
2) Law of Magnetic Impulse / Physical, ethereal or vital unity: aspirants / worldwide religion / Universal ecclesiastical orders / devotion / love for ideas / philosophy schools / idealism.
3) Law of Service / humanitarian activities / sympathy, love and compassion for the humankind / astral Unity: Disciples on probation.
4) Law of Rejection / fight against evil / love for good / discrimination / mental unity: Disciples.
5) Law of Group Progress / Groups linked to the Hierarchy / Groups of Servants of the world / love for synthesis / inclusiveness / Unity of the soul: Initiates.

The Law of Expansive Response and the Law of the Lesser Four (Quaternary) are the last two Laws of the Soul and they are not susceptible of a lesser interpretation; only the Initiate or who is going to be an Initiate can understand and use them.

* * * * *

Now we will look at some of the most important "Rules" that lead the Light of the Soul to obscure the personality and then to activate the Soul in ruling on the darkness of its lower domains. These Rules express the Divine quality and reveal its Love.

A) Synthesis. This is the ability to conceive and express concepts in the form of a unique image (symbol), viz. in a direct form, without using the sinusoidal method that is needed to the lower reason. In short the sinusoidal method is an energetic curve (a triangle of tension) made of three elements: an access, an apex and an exit. From a base of distraction or indifference one usually goes to attention for a question or an event; to respond or react to them, one usually rises to an apex of tension in search of an answer or a resolution. The peak of the curve of attention is reached through the reasoned composition of an answer that satisfies the need. In ordinary man the first solution counts. Therefore the solution is usually approximate, not necessarily the most efficient or economic in time or energy. However, if the satisfaction of the need is achieved, the threshold of effort and attention lowers, reducing one's tension until it disappears in a conclusion. This occurs until the next event will attract the person's attention once again, which is usually very tenuous, on the reality outside one's own individual sphere (attention towards one's own moments of individual life).

The ability for synthesis doesn't have anything to do with the faculty of "resuming" or "abbreviated" formulations typical of the lower planes of the mind. Synthesis is the first factor that reveals the Divine nature in man because the first great aspect of God's mind is Synthesis. The ability for synthesis is strictly linked to the Law of Attraction and to the Principle of Cohesion; in man it is the impulse to unite and unify, which demonstrates in his world the Principle of Divine Unity. The principle of unification "materializes" in the physical world when the complementariness of every duality is reached. In reality, duality is only the lack of an "inclusive" self-conscience. To see oneself "divided" into several parts (mind up mind down, this or another body, this is better this is worse) is only the result of a "schizophrenic" view of the material reason that says: here "I' am and the rest is not me because I am not there to rule it. The animal reason, even when it is educated, illusorily conceives itself as the center of life of "its own" conscience. It believes that the "conscience" belongs to it, whilst it comes from the metaphysical planes of the spiritual manifestation. But the physical conscience doesn't belong to material manifestation, although it is its inner space and the vital center of man is not physical reason but the conscience of his higher Self. The egocentric view of personality leads it to abuse its own "rights", improperly using the materialized energy of the soul: conscience. The dual and materialistic view of personality makes it believe that it "has" a Soul, whilst it "is" itself in the Soul. Therefore personality doesn't own a Soul but the Soul expresses a personality. Through countless "adjustments" (cycles of material manifestation) the Soul will finally constitute a personality that is advanced enough to be integrated with its subtle planes, in order for the Soul to "reflect Itself" and manifest up to the matter (personality) the spiritual Principle that rules it. This spiritual Principle is the Monad.

B) The faculty of hidden View. This is the ability of inner vision; it is the vision granted to those who have reached the apex of the earthly path (3rd Initiation) and have entered the first stage of the cosmic Path. The second part of the Path leads to developing a kind of harmony and comprehension never touched before in the highest human intuition. The inner view gradually develops in the higher instinct (egoic and animic) that leads to Intuition, to higher Intellect and finally to the animic Triad Illuminating the physical mind. The quality of the inner vision is an expression of the Principle of Continuousness that constitutes the ability to "remain" under the influence of the Divine principle that is inside us (the Light of the Soul). This Principle is based on a clearer-vision of the Divinity and therefore of the ability to conceive the Continuousness of His Plane and His Proposition.

C) The impulse to Formulate a Plan is the ability of the Initiate to work and make farsighted plans. This is the ability to "respond" to the Divine Plans because the Soul "knows" God's Plan. This ability is expressed concretely by the intelligent activity of the 3rd Ray joined to the right choice of "time" made by using the 7th Ray (cycles-cadences-rhythms). The individual Soul aspires to carry out the task given to all the Souls, which is to work as an "intermediary" among the worlds of Ideas (Archetypes), of ideation and forms. In order to achieve this faculty the Disciple must be helped to develop the whole vision, abandoning the individual vision and the view that only relates to a part of the physical thought (the phenomenon of intellectual specialization); it must contemplate the objective view and penetrate it up to reaching the essential qualities that give it its meaning.

D) Impulse to creative life. The impulse to creative life is achieved by using creative imagination. All that must still be revealed is already in us and around us. The meaning of what is embodied in a form, the reachable sense behind any appearance, the reality hidden by the symbol and the truth expressed in substance are all parts of the integral reality that hasn't been perceived by man's relativity yet. The reality of a psychically advanced man is the world of Causes, whilst the reality of spiritual man is the world of Archetypes. Archetypes are the sub-stanzia of the Divine Plan and Archetypes create Causes, as much as the latter manifest their phenomena (to give a reference to this concept we will say that the intelligence of the Ego is called Causal Body of man). In order to reach the revelation of the world of Causes two things are fundamentally required: 1) the constant and subjective effort aimed at creating mental forms able to express a truth perceived with intuition; 2) try and become sensitive to the world of Causes and archetypes, of which all phenomena, man as well since he is a living phenomenon, are only the result of inner manifestation. To perceive the world of Causes (for example through vertical telepathy) "is the only means to reach the reality" of every meaning in its integral form and not only the reality relative to the phenomenon sensitive to the animal form.

The Adept senses the causes that move the effects of his sphere of life, he can reproduce forms of thought that are assonant to them, viz. he will be able to reproduce in his thoughts and physical activity (word-action) harmonious "models" that will not be conflicting with the causes they are related to. These models will be so harmonious that they will become faithful reflections of the impulse hidden in the Archetypes, viz. so assonant that they reflect the Wave of Life that permeates Creation without distortions. This is the mystics' Heaven on Earth; to reflect on the physical plane through Oneself, with one's own Spirit, the image of the manifested One-God Archetype.

This process starts by developing one's own creative imagination, which must not be confused with imagery or fantasy. In the lower planes of the mind imagination creates the image of what intuition perceived (vision-revelation) as coming from the subtle planes of Ego and Soul itself. This link produces the assonance between the perceived Idea and the image that is reproduced in the physical mind; it is called psychic precipitation (from the top to the bottom) or descending Initiation. Hermeticists called it occult education (revealed to the inner ear or eye of man); this education came from the Secret Master, also called Higher Incognito. Outside the mythology of false initiates that claim to be masters and higher incognitos, the terms Secret Master and Higher Incognito intend to show the Soul as the first true spiritual Guide of the initiate. The Ego (higher self) is the true "Door" to Hierarchy. Therefore it is said that the Masters don't descend below the egoic level; it is the disciple that, with the help of an Instructor, will have to ascend to them. But up to where? Up to the first link with the Ego, when one perceives the presence of the Soul. The technique of approaching the Masters is called Method of the Presence and this, because of the many differences of self-conscience existing between a Pupil and another, will be taught by the Instructor individually. The stage of approach between the lower self and the higher Ego are accompanied by moments of intense psychic suffering, which must be tolerated and re-lived several times, so that the physical mind gets used to the most intense vibration that comes from the subtle (fastest) levels of the Ego. The personal mind will have to "grow" and increase its frequency, up to the point of establishing a balanced and continuous contact with the superior Self.

There are three factors that determine the mental "growth" of the aspirant. First is the disposition to tolerate the suffering of revelation. It is very difficult to tolerate the "weight" of truth, therefore men preferred to "build" a world of dreams and illusions around themselves. It is easier not "to see" what one doesn't want to see, such as how we really are, what scares us, the fear of being born, living and dying.

The second factor is the ability to persist on the plane of revelation. Revelation is also the condition of the Disciple that stops in the Light of the Soul. This mental "position" is expressed by the motto: "and so in the Light I am steady". The Initiate is focused on the image of the revelation, transferring it through the Art of Visualization, on the part of conscience identified with the physical brain enlightening its substance. Imagination precedes Visualization and this ability to create psychic images joins the mind (Aura) with the brain, expressing on the plane of personality as well the splendor revealed by the Ego.

The third factor is the need to develop one's imagination; the Disciple will have to be taught to persevere in the exercises of symbolic Meditation (occult use of Symbols and Mandala), followed later by exercises of visualization. True creative art is a function of the thought of the soul; therefore the task of the Disciple is to fall into line with it by meditating and focusing the attention not only on the exterior meanings of the forms, but especially on the world of their inner meanings.

E) Ability to Analyze is the fifth quality of the physical man that attracts the interest of the Soul. The power of analysis is the ability to discriminate, by differentiating and distinguishing what is true and stable from what is cyclical, changeable and transitory. The power of analysis is a psychic attribute of a higher order which, if it is used by an egocentric and individualistic personality, drives to a sense of separation and diversity (dualism). If the sense of synthesis is preserved in it, it can be manifested with the right use of emphasis. On the phenomenal plane analysis drives to the comprehension of the fifth Kingdom of Nature .

F) Faculty to achieve . This is the faculty of those who recognize ideas in their synthetic form (archetypical and symbolic) and use "their own energy" to achieve them. Only nowadays man starts glimpsing the Power of ideas. The Power of an archetypical Idea can be liberating or constricting. If the power is used to dissolve the bonds of the Idea (pure thought) with the world of forms, then that is a liberating action (destructive aspect); if it is used to strengthen these bonds by materially carrying out a project (we must remember that the physical man is the project which the Soul works for) then it becomes an action that imprisons the energy of the Idea in the form (constructive form). The young scholar should reflect on this last statement, which we will find when we deal with what the hierarchic Teaching says about death.

G) Faculty to Idealize resolves the conflicting relation among the great dualities of the physical world. This is one of the fundamental rules in order ,to join the domain of the Soul. The physical man placed on the great battlefield of dualities (battle of the Armageddon against astralness) with abstract and impersonal idealization, finds the Path that is said to be "subtle like the edge of a blade" (as subtle as the thread of conscience that links the lower and the higher Selves); it is the Path that will guide him to liberation (dissolving the astral form) and to Initiation (integrating with the animic form). The Faculty to Idealize is true Mysticism and it rules the relations between life and form, spirit and matter.

We conclude by defining the general sense that makes the Law, which also joins all the Laws that haven't been mentioned in this short writing.

* * * * *

According to the Teaching given by the Masters a Law is nothing but the effect of the intelligent Activity of the Life Aspect that works together with matter. We must also remember that the Laws are described with names that show their relation with the humankind. When they act in other Kingdoms they have a different influence than that on man, therefore they will also have different names.

Definition of Law

A Law requires a higher Entity gifted with intelligence which, having a well defined goal, coordinates its efforts in order to develop a plan with consistency and gradually. With clear knowledge of the aim It prepares steps and stages that, if followed in order, ensure the achievement of the plan. The word "Law" is generally associated to the idea of subjection to an activity that is inexorable, inflexible and not understood by those who should follow it. It implies being somehow absorbed by it, not having the chance to escape it or modify the destiny that it leads to. It is unavoidable that this causes the sensation of being a victim in the conscience of the psychically non advanced man; he feels like a leaf dragged towards an unknown destination which he can only guess. He has the feeling of being ruled by an apparently ineluctable force that will produce collective results to the expense of the individual. Until the conscience has reached such an expansion that it can perceive highest goals, this is the unavoidable attitude of the lower mind.

When he is in contact with his higher Self, man participates to the Knowledge of the purpose and he reaches the top of the mountain where his view covers wider horizons with a different perspective. He then realizes that the Law is nothing but the spiritual impulse, the drive and manifestation of the Entity where himself lives and moves. He learns that this impulse expresses an intelligent proposition, wisely directed and based on Love, which appears from the Principle of Unity and Cohesion. Man (now integrated with the subtlest part of Self) starts committing with intelligence to the execution of every Law, opening himself to the spiritual living impulse in the proportion that his own individual nature allows him to react to it, transmit it and use it. He stops putting obstacles and starts transmitting. He ends the cycle of closed and egocentric life and opens the doors to spiritual energy. The Law that he used to fear and mistrust is now recognized as a means for the purifying and vivifying action that pushes him towards a glorious goal with all God's creatures.

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