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The duty to ‘Aspire'
By Athos A. Altomonte
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I didn't understand a letter received from a reader, who tended to venture in the exposition of facts contained in a secular teaching. We can more or less adapt to and understand the latter; nevertheless it remains above minimalist polemics of preconceptions.

To follow the Path of the Disciple is not an opinion but a series of facts. Therefore it is not the intention of Esonet Project to lower the intellectual level of what has been transmitted by the initiatory tradition that ‘brings together West and East'. Indeed, to diminish the contents of the initiatory teaching reduces its meanings to the simple ‘chronicle' of an esotericism that becomes another ‘practice of consumption' of mass commercialization.

Therefore to keep high the values of its postulate means to maintain a constant intellectual effort, necessary to approach ancient wisdoms based on the knowledge of Self. They can't be translated by changing its contents; they must be understood for what they are.

On this Path there aren't any ‘miracles'; on the path of initiation knowledge and wisdom don't fall from the sky. There aren't any divine ‘gifts' that haven't been conquered after tenacious trials overcome with will and intelligence and with the help of inner instruments that must be developed through a suitable ‘preparation'. This preparation makes the aspirant a disciple.

Therefore who causes the misunderstanding of everything is easy if we talk about it is lying and he knows it.

It is the method of counter-initiators to diminish the difficulties of the link with the soul of those who would like to ‘re-ascend the slope' we descended. The waste of time and occasions is the main purpose of counter-initiators who hide, whenever possible, the main duty of the human being, which is to aspire to the highest possible model.

For this ascent, though, it is necessary to commit (as indispensable duty towards oneself as a soul) to widen conscience, knowledge and intelligence, subjecting the little individual self to a constant effort of growth and expansion.

If when we face our own abilities we recognize that we don't know or understand then we have found the measure of what must still be done to understand and to know.

The ultimate goal of the aspirant is to fill his vacuums with the whole of perennial teachings, in order to widen his horizons and reach the common margins of universality.

In this area we will meet Brothers and Sisters that are not different any more.

But, as any aspirant knows well, in order to reach this ‘dimension' one must lose himself first!

And for this purpose words are not necessary.

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