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Skin clothes
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q : .... from Genesis, 3/21-24, ‘And the Lord God made for Adam and his wife garments of skins, and clothed them. […] Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from which he was taken.' […] Could there be a relation with the Masonic apron, which at the beginning was made of skin… ?

A : Dear friend, I wouldn't hazard a relation between the ‘skin clothes' mentioned in the Genesis and the Masonic Apron.

Rather, those ‘clothes' are the allegory of the incarnation of the humankind, divided and sexed.

With Adam as a proto-type of masculine and Eve as the proto-type of feminine.

In other words, the passage is the metaphor of an individualized and incarnated ‘spirit' that ‘descends' in the earthly clothing of one's ‘own' physical body. Remember the previous passage that says: the Children of God (Elhoims) saw the daughters of man (their physical-animal forms) and joined them (but many refused), giving birth to the Giants (physical forms gifted with mind and therefore consciousness).

This is passed on by initiatory Philosophy.

Men and Women, conscious of themselves and their own eccentricity, leave the condition of ‘paradisiacal unconsciousness' of a strictly ethereal aspect, which tends to become gradually more and more physical. This ‘descent' makes the ethereal conscience ( aura ) more and more ‘impressionable' by the sensations of the physical-animal body (astral aura) [see articles published on Esonet on the subject of Aura]

The ‘birth' of a conscience deeply related to the sensations of the physical body achieves a state of self-conscience called individualization of the species.

The animal-man becomes aware of his own physicality, he becomes a thinking being and finds himself in a situation where he has to face a ‘new condition', which involves supporting the impact of ‘needs' such as search-food hunger and repletion, or tiredness-sleep, cold-heat, etc… All is in the key of suffering, fears, discomfort, struggle, pain and death. In this stressful ‘scenario' originates the counterbalancing aspect of enjoyment of Sex and then pos-session (*).

Note (*) : In Italian the word possesso (possession) is made of pos- and –sesso (sex) , meaning that sex is included in the concept of possession.

With this, the thinking man covers himself with the images of his own physical conscience, achieving the first painful image of himself. I am this, I am that; I want this, I want that.

In other words, he decides for himself. But he also brings the sign of the pains that accompany his earthly ‘adventure'.

Therefore the thinking beings, like little birds pushed out of the nest in order to grow , confusedly remember the stage of primordial unconsciousness that with time becomes the memory of a lost ‘state of grace'. They end up passing on the ‘memory' through fantastic dreams. From the recurring dream of something ‘that has been lost' originated myths and legends, whose tales are at the bases of the ‘historical corpus' of primitive ‘religions'.

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