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Esoteric culture, initiatory culture
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q : … I would like to understand what esoteric culture means.

A : Dear friend, we must say that ‘esoteric culture' simply doesn't exist, because esotericism ‘ is a method of research '. It is not a philosophy, neither a doctrine, but only ‘searching into exterior representations' for deeper meanings.

For example. If I wanted to understand who you are, I would ignore your name, your occupation, your appearance (handsome, ugly; tall, short; young, old; male, female; etc.) and I would focus on your reactions. The faster I cause your spontaneous and free reactions, the closer I get to your secret sphere, which is not related to a piece of flesh. What some of us are interested in is the source of the being, which starting from the analysis of coded forms of thought allow us to reach the mental archetypes and, for those who believe, the spiritual archetypes of man.

Several times I have pointed out that esoteric research is a kind of archaeology of human thought. It is a method close to psychoanalysis, as well as Alchemy, where ‘metals' are allegories of emotional states and dimensions of conscience.

‘Initiatory culture' is another thing, which Masons have transformed into imaginary reproductions. Perhaps because like religious people, they have forgotten their spirit and language.

Initiatory culture is science; the fact that it is ancient doesn't change things. Indeed, it stirs deep admiration for what men have done or thought without the help of technology. The modern man is disadvantaged compared to the ancient one, because it relies less on his gifts and depends on technology.

Whoever wants to make sure that he is dealing with initiatory culture, viz. science, should do like architects do. He should put notions one on the other as if they were transparent sheets; if they match it means that he has reached the continuum of wisdom , which allows our thought to project in the future and build indeterminable things.

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