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Salmon and Water – an initiatory trial
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q : The Salmon must ‘return', viz. ‘go back', which means to go ‘inside' and if it ‘returns' it is only to ‘generate' …. What else but the New Man?

A : the Salmon is a metaphor of the conscience that re-ascends (transcends) itself to find itself (see Analogy with a living symbol – the Way of the Salmon). At the end of the ascent nothing is generated. We only find Ourselves and the Light of the inner God (monad), which we are the ‘Shadow' of. But there isn't any conflict between Light and Shadow, only Love. Conflict is a result of the confusion that fills the inferior mind with ghosts and obsessions.

Q : Why do you use a fish to represent ‘the metaphor of the conscience that re-ascends (transcends) itself to find itself'? A fish that with difficulty re-ascends the water towards the Source (The Light of the inner God)?

A : The answer I am going to give you is a Rule well known to every adept, even lesser ones. The Rule says: give me (you) the first world and I will give you the second (then the third, the fourth, etc.) You know this Rule, too. But what does it mean in actual fact?
It means that when ‘a note or a tone (in the form of word or concept) is launched (in the space around you) , someone will respond, for example as you did. If the answer is correct then another note (word or concept) can be thrown in the same direction, but on a higher level. If the interlocutor responds again, the exchange continues. Otherwise that will be the ‘tested test' of the true level of the interlocutor, beyond any more or less genuine presumption, claim or conviction.
This is a ‘test' from which an initiatory contact can originate, between who has already learnt (or wanted to learn) to work on himself and could go higher and who is not ready to the qualitative leap.
Then there is the test of Service.
If the service assigned is carried out in the right prescribed times and ways, we can expect that more will be asked, otherwise silence ‘will veil' our failure until next time. But the next time might not be in this life or not for us (as identities or impermanent self). Therefore a chance to ‘emerge from the darkness' of matter would be lost.
But if everything goes well and we are asked more, this means that we are also offered more, in (inner) energy, (karmic) guide, help (teaching) and consideration (approaching the Threshold of Contact).
It must be clear that we can't approach the higher levels only through Service and that the (occult) Teaching is only given to allow to reach this goal.
We can also decide to remain alone, together with ourselves or other lost Wanderers (the physical personalities). But if we are looking for a more advanced contact, we must first of all evolve Ourselves by learning how to ‘make ourselves useful', to Ourselves first and then to the more advanced Brothers on the Way of the perennial Service. Indeed, Masters are not interested in Wanderers who worship them, but only in Adepts to bring up so that they can be admitted to the Service for the Benefit of the humankind, called the Great White Work.
All that's left are illations and, I am positive, a waste of time for the Soul which unconsciously we belong to.


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