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Bad use of the Word
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q: Dear Athos, when you say you believe that evil is ‘only an invention of man', which ‘part' of man are you thinking of? You say: ‘evil as we know it'... what do you mean? Thank you. A.

A : Dear friend, long is the ‘journey' to become what we really are. In the meantime we look like others want us or as we want others to see us. We hide behind masks of illusion which we must learn to get rid of with an act of intelligent modesty that not everyone is willing to face.

Evil and illusion are flowers of the same plant: ignorance.

Ignorance or illusion of knowledge is darkness, whilst conscious conscience is light.

Therefore we must find a way to enlighten mind and physical conscience in order not to remain in the shadow of unconsciousness.

To drop the ‘mask', to show ourselves as we really are, with our good and bad things, is the start of the journey of renewal that leads to the recognition of our subtle identity, separating us from the evil of ignorance we used to identify ourselves with.

Everything starts with this modest and intelligent action.

Therefore it is always necessary to practice the consciousness that we ‘will discover' inside us; by widening our conscience our intellect will improve as well.

With the light of intelligence (which is not sciolism or art of memory) we leave the sphere of illusion. For this purpose words are useless, since they are the first instrument of confusion and deceit. A marred or distorted thought makes the use of the word bad; and the bad use of the word is the source of the evil around us.

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