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The power of silence
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q : Dear Athos, I don't understand the concept of Masonic tolerance [...] where does Masonic tolerance start and where does it end, and what does it mean exactly? How to apply it materially? (We are all good at talking…). How to avoid looking like a ‘fool', since nowadays in actual fact to be tolerant means to be a fool or a goody-goody and the only result is that the person on the receiving end thinks that he can easily abuse you? Is there a concept of tolerance in Agni Yoga as well? If so, could you explain it to me?

A : In practice ‘I don't answer the fool, but with silence I increase the distance'; ‘if his statements become heavy, I get up and leave' because I think that only ‘silence silences the fool'.

Agni Yoga says: cover your brother's faults with your best cover. In other words, what I wrote above.

A famous fellow countryman of yours said ‘don't mind them, but look and pass'. Sure, the pain caused by offence or ignorance stays and hurts.

But at least if I don't add my words to other people's arrogance, presumption or ignorance, I don't become their accomplice.

In the event of an offence or provocation to ignore (using silence) the culprit is for him the worst humiliation, because the anger and spite he wanted to throw on you stays inside him poisoning his mind and body.

Don't underestimate silence; if it is used wisely it has a huge destructive charge (see Use of the Word ).

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