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Educate and not punish oneself
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q : …how much does the nature of the material body limit the communion with the spirit…?

A : Dear friend, I read your work. It is beautiful from a poetic point of view. Passionate and …. Slightly self-destructive. But you finally understood that the (catholic) heritage of self-harming, of our (infinite) weaknesses is not the right way to self-realization.

It is better to concretely ‘serve' the ideal ignoring passional and instinctive parts of ourselves. The latter will then be forced to follow you in the action of good. This is what will change them, rather than the threat of eternal punishment.

To act well means to think well, this is the goal.

The lower nature must be helped, educated, not mistreated, punished or even killed. Especially because personality (personal self) is the only means through which conscience and soul can interact with the material world; the physical aspect must be considered an essential part of conscience not to be despised.

The ‘animal spirit' must be transformed rather than refused, by building the link with the dimension of one's own subtle conscience. This conjunction is symbolically represented by the building of a ‘Bridge or Arch'.

But if there is a bridge to the inner sky there is also another one that links us to our undergrounds, where forgotten or unused energies are relegated. To ‘go down' in order to re-gain those inner forces that science calls sub-personalities is an ‘alchemic' operation that will make us stronger from a physical as well as mental point of view.

By changing perspective and considering the subtlest inner planes we find the light of what tradition calls nucleus of primitive conscience, divine spark.

It is the sun of our inner sky and the divinity that we all keep in ourselves.

It is necessary to join the will of the Ego (the sword) and of the soul (universal love) in order to reach our inner ‘Light'.

Only these two aspects can illuminate the initiatory path in the search for our subtle identity.

Thanks for sharing your feelings with me.

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