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The initiatory path and the symbol of the ‘Salmon'
By Athos A. Altomonte
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The metaphor of Adept and Salmon (see) refers to the self-initiatory meanings of the ‘Fool', the Card 0 of the Tarots. (see).

The Salmon represents the Adept that goes searching for his spiritual origins against the current (from the bottom to the top). The ‘Fool' as well represents a controversial figure in countertendency to the profane world.

They both represent the non-conformism of people who search for the truth without caring about appearances. Despite the ‘contrary' thought speaks a universal language, it is incomprehensible to most people, whilst it is extremely clear to initiates. The latter use the ‘green' language of alchemists.

The Way of the Fool and the upstream journey of the ‘Salmon' symbolize self-initiation, which is achieved individually with all the risks involved, such as to get lost. But the goal is too important to think about trades or convenience.

We'll break the taboo of habits here saying that the path of initiation is a solitary path; as a consequence self-initiation is the only possible journey. Only the superior conscience can emancipate the physical conscience from material bonds, bringing it back to a state of permanent wake (see Death or survival of conscience).

Symbolic initiations are another matter; they are allegories of an inner status that no man can transmit but only recognize in his peers (*).

We must not forget that in the process of re-ascent the Adept is not guided by the will of man any more but by the instinct of the soul, which frees the conscience from the physical death and transforms it into the victory of light on the material darkness.

(*) The principle of self-initiation

According to ancient precepts nobody can initiate another man but himself. Initiation follows the overcoming of trials of any nature. The overcoming brings initiation, which is accepted and recognized by an assembly of peers.

The ‘initiatory trials' are interior ones and the overcoming of ‘obstacles' has the purpose of making the neophyte's conscience stronger.

Initiation as a result of overcoming of trials hides the principle of self-initiation . The latter has been denied and strongly opposed by mundane hierarchies; this initiation has a ‘descending' character, because the light of the soul illuminates therefore it initiates the forma mentis of the lesser self . This of course implies a self-generating process carried out inside the ‘man system' without any exterior intervention.

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