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The ‘absolute truth' in man's dimension and the power of the word
By Athos A. Altomonte
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Q : «My attention and reflection is indeed captured by another statement of yours: the human ability to link the word ‘true' to something. Who can define the quality of a ‘true' thing in such absolute terms and in what measure?»

A : We walk into Illusion and mistake it for truth; indeed, it is only material reality based on data which in the ‘inconceivable immensity' are the veil of illusion. We walk on truth like we walk on the planet, understanding only the fractions of reality that belong to us. We walk under the truth like we walk under the starry vault, understanding enough to determine our direction.

The starry vault, though, can only mark the direction on earth; only the inner sky and its stars can show us the path that leads to God.

We live mistaking reality for truth. We live thinking we are a body, whilst we are thought.

We live in a dimension that truth can't reach without being distorted. Therefore the only absolute reality that we can obtain is that no infinite truth can reach us on a finite plane without becoming itself a finite concept.

For this reason God is not in this dimension; we are not able to welcome and contain the dimension of his light of truth.

The wise man, though, has understood that if the mind can contain the truth, the heart can observe it.

By keeping a steady mind and a distant heart he can contemplate the light of the truth, but he will never communicate it otherwise it will be distorted and transformed into a finite concept. He can tell it through metaphors, which must be ‘translated' into words that can reflect the light of truth. If the word is sound, the sound goes with light and colors. Therefore the tone of the word becomes the color that enlightens mind and conscience of the listeners, who will be impressed by that color. This is the ‘ occult power of the word '. (see Use of the word).

It is a prerogative of Initiates to transform the word in sound in order for it to vibrate with its meaning (thought) ‘ transported by the breath'.

In the ‘supportless philosophy' (see note) it is taught that the ‘Initiate inflames the space around him' with the word.

But if the Mason doesn't realize this, Freemasonry reminds it to him, placing the ‘symbol of a radiating sun' behind the Orator, symbolizing how he can irradiate the power of his synthesis on the people present.


* Supportless philosophy is so called because the thought doesn't use (as a support) any physical attribute to develop. It is a very advanced form of thought with two requirements. It doesn't think but it observes the thought that develops from itself in a very natural way, because once the thought is free it stretches towards ‘the top' (top is the infantile way of expressing the inside). Therefore any thought, free from the earthly ballast produced by passional consciences (which ancient philosophers called animal spirit), goes towards the depths of the dimension that psycho-synthesis calls super-consciousness and Plato called hyperuranium. This is the world of primogenial ideas, viz. those truths we were talking about; they can't reach unharmed the dimensions below the monadic ones (plane of the monad) or at least of the soul.

The thought, any thought, comes from an archetypical idea (see religions, myths and archetypes of the humankind), therefore once it is free, it goes back to its source taking back with him the conscience of man , who can then ‘ascend' (interiorize himself) too (with his mind) in the planes of the subtle conscience.

This ‘flight' is represented by the wings of the Caduceus of Hermes.

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