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The Sense of Life, the sense of Existence
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Floods of words have been spent on the sense of life. I will only spare a few drops, to say that the sense of life doesn't exist. The only designated furrow is us, with all that we are, we think, we want and we must respond to a bigger life. The man who thinks that the essence of life is suffering is a pessimist. There is no sense in pain but the reaction we receive because of the mistake, even made by others.

There is a sense to existence, but it is an unknowable ‘project' that many fools strive to describe. Certainly everything concurs to the evolution of the imperceptible project that man calls God. But he did it thinking about himself as the center of everything; therefore only the best will be able to contemplate it without understanding it, though.

It will possible to understand it only by entering that dimension and not any other below.

To simplify the perspective, we can compare life to the painter's canvas or to a stage. In both the ‘emptiness' doesn't mean ‘nothing' but a qualified space where everything can be represented, according to the inspiration of the author and his ability to place suitable elements.

Therefore let's think about our life as a space where the author can represent himself, free to choose the second lead actors in the comedy where he is both first actor and paying spectator. Indeed it happens that a life costs a lot.

Just like we can give a sense to life, we can also change it. It depends on the ability of the author and on the versatility of the actor. If the result is not satisfying, we must reconsider the choice of second actors, who might not have been placed suitably.

In any case we can say that the sense of life is us, our attitude, tendencies, abilities, limits and virtues. Its quality can be improved by applying boldly the will to understand each other, in order to increase the abilities by filling gaps and weaknesses. We will always be grateful to those, both friends and enemies, who help us discover our weaknesses.

Other people's interferences play an important role in the sense of a life; they intertwine with the influence we can have on theirs. In this case many people pay attention to events and consider them as signs of the destiny. The two ideas are separated, though, because in some respects a ‘destiny' exists, but events are ghost phenomena. It is a shame to give up action whilst waiting for them to happen.

A philosopher would say that the course of events is an unreal formula, because they are the result of real actions. Therefore events change like what caused them. They are the consequence of the change in people, their points of view and their actions. When man's thought changes, his decisions and actions change as well. Consequently, the course of events won't be the same either.

But there is a method to escape this mechanism: a story can change even by only shuffling the protagonists.

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