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The lost Sacralization /5

by Athos A. Altomonte

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How to strengthen the construction of a Chain of ùnion

The Chain of ùnion is the physical realization of the will for cohesion, produced by the attracting energy of a Group of men and women that exists and lives independently from its qualities. If the Group lacks the attracting force of the central nucleus, the will for cohesion ends; the composts crumble and separate. If the phenomenon refers to the human body, it corresponds to death. Therefore the attracting force of a Group must be continuously strengthened with ability, method and care.

To build a circle of initiates means to create a system whose structure is based on the same principles as a macro-system such as a people or a nation; of course the proportions are different.

In order to build such a system it is necessary to have a center emanating energy and a circle preventing its dispersion out of its circumference. We have macro systems centered on ideals of race, religion, political flags and other interests or ideologies.

In order to build a micro-system like a Chain of ùnion as well as a wider system, we need a dynamic center and a magnetic circumference that holds the energy produced by the Group Work. We must not confuse, though, the building of an initiatory micro-system with the realization of a closed system* that characterizes many lesser systems, especially devotional ones.


*Closed system - a watertight thesis is called closed system (cit. Karl Popper).
We call closed systems all those speculative systems based on abstract statements not demonstrated by an objective reality. In particular, they are religious and ideological dogmas that find confirmation only inside their structure and through their instruments. Therefore the thesis at the base of these systems can never be denied. Closed systems are self-immune, because they are founded on reasonable models that can be supported without questioning any part of them. Therefore they are immune from any possible denial that can derive from a dialectic contradiction or an intellectual confrontation. Furthermore, we call closed systems all the ideological theses and creeds that pose themselves as omni-comprehensive propositions. That is all the speculative systems where we expect to find the explanation of and for everything, like fragments of ideological islands.

The name is a «sound» of live lucidity that permanently marks a man's attitude; initiates and warriors used to change their profane name into another one more suitable to describe the nature of their new fate.

The same thing happens to the name given to a Group. When we create a Group we define its intentions and we give it a name that synthesizes them. That word will subtly impress the destinies of its components, because their attitude will be affected by it. Furthermore, following the rules of subliminal communication, the name will give the outsiders an image that will affect them, regardless of the intentions of the Group's components.

Unfortunately subliminal communication is underestimated within social relationships. The result, as we can easily verify, is that many names trivialize or even mortify the image of their bearers. The same happens for Groups which have been incautiously given distinctive titles unsuitable to their characteristics, or inert, trivial and repetitive names. By giving a Group - which is the living identity of a sum of living beings - a "live and bright" name we are "halfway in the work".

We can read in an old Commentary: «the Name is an image that proceeds by itself».

In order to build an initiatory circle such as a Masonic Lodge, we can follow the symbol of the Plumb line. The mason who wants to stabilize himself on the vertical axis of his own mind will naturally become the attracting pole and the center of attention of the Group. He will use the energy deriving from his thoughts through acts and words.

A re-awaken mind attracts and revives the other Brothers' affinities, because his drive evokes their similitude. At the beginning this affinity will be asymmetrical; the task of the Brother at the center of the system, in the Wheel-Hub, is to accelerate the slow or distant members or to slow down the close or quick ones.

When the person at the center reckons that there is the same distance as the rays of the Wheel, he will start building the circumference. He will force the rays to recognize each other; he will help them communicate and mix their affinities, until they are joined together. This time the Chain of ùnion is not only symbolic.

The first stage of the work will be facilitated by the presence of personal bridges between the Hub (the center of attention, the First Light) and the circumference of the wheel (the components of the Chain). These bridges are made of elective affinities and personalized relationships, but the center of attention (the venerable Master) will never express complacency for the sympathy or attention he receives from the members of the Group. The true purpose of an initiatory Chain is to build a psychic or spiritual Group Eggregore.

When the circumference of the Chain is finished and a bridge of will and awareness goes from one link to another, joining every component of the Group, the man at the center of attention of the Wheel retreats in the circumference of the Chorda Fratres, leaving his place to the building of a ritual Eggregore. He, together with the two other lights, will form the operating Triangle that balances the circumference of the energetic circle made by the initiates.

A fair and perfect Lodge is created when the Chain is finished. In the fair and perfect Chain we can find the occult meaning of the Knots of love. The energy of the Eggregore of the System flows from the joined Knots and it reaches the Builders of the inner Temples.

The person who knows will allow the flowing of a two-fold Word that will increase the strength of the Chorda Fratres. The First Light has now become a link of the circumference and it will allow the flowing towards left of a dynamic and masculine word: Fire. On the right there will be a word with opposite characteristics: Space. The two words will move round crossing each other's path; they will eventually go back to the person who emanated them. They are an evoking example of the negative-positive polarity emanated in the Chain through the ‘sound of the word'.

Finally, the centers of a single Wheel can form the circumference of a bigger Wheel; the latter can be the center of a bigger Chain.

This is the fundament for the constitution of a Chain with universal characteristics.

In his theory on implosion, Viktor Schauberger says that: «the secret of life is bipolarity; without opposite poles in nature there wouldn't be any attraction or rejection. Without attraction or rejection there isn't motion and therefore there isn't life».

If we considered only the esoteric meaning of the matter exposed above, we would have a sense of charm and mystery but we would remain in the debatable field of personal abstraction.

The presence of a positive and a negative pole is necessary for the motion of life; likewise the presence of Men and Women is necessary for a Chain of ùnion, where they act as catalyzers of living energy. We can go beyond the concept of esotericism and enter the scientific assumptions.

The scientists Becker and Hagens carried out a study for NASA; they describe an anti-gravitational magnetic "band" in the energetic grid that surrounds and holds the energy of the planet. But let's not go any further. The main thing is that we have found a joining point between esoteric and scientific matters. This will allow us to look at subjects which are considered esoteric in a different light; perhaps it is less ‘magic' but it certainly is clearer and more realistic.

If we believe in the value of the Ceremonial Institution it is wise to relate esoteric and scientific meanings. We will then find in both the point of contact made of conceptual conciseness that was once called «initiatory science».

Freedom of thinking can be reached only through knowledge.

Those who enjoy a feeling of truly universal brotherhood are accepted in the Chain of Initiates. Remember that you might not see things that others see and hear. Don't be mistaken, there isn't another Path. Decide with a free conscience what you want to become and do it. Decide with a free conscience what you want to do and do it. At that point fight until the end, even with a sword. But don't commit to anything if you don't know yet what you want to be and how to become that.

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