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A principle of reciprocity links man and the universe

by Athos A. Altomonte

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There is a principle of reciprocity that links man to the planet and the universe and vice versa. It has always been thought that the universe was part of man and the latter was a living atom of the universe.
The participation starts from his aura which, through the planetary aura, absorbs the solar energy it needs. Man takes his nourishment from the planetary substance, transforming the food in physical and mental energy, which he uses to concretize himself and the mental and physical form that he uses to act.

Similarly to the principle ‘do ut des’ (give and receive) man lives on the energy he receives. At the same time, with his life he contributes to give life to the planet, returning to it a value equal to the qualities he develops. This idea is not as obscure as it looks if we think about the strong interaction between man and planet. The physical man is made of planetary substance and his physical-energetic life depends on the planet. The latter is influenced by man, which through himself can bring out the physical and subtle energies or disperse them or contaminate them.

Everything in man affects the planetary nature. What he does has an effect on the physical substance, what he thinks marks the subtle energy. Reproduction itself affects the planetary life.

When man becomes aware of the reciprocity that links him to the planetary and cosmic energies, which allow him to live, his consciousness (in the mind as well as in the heart) becomes sense of responsibility towards himself and the life of the universe. This thought develops a very special morale; it is an ethical sensitivity that in the past was called living ethics. Let’s try and explain its principle.

The principle of living ethics

As we have already said man is born for a kind of investment of subtle (nuclear) energy and living (organic) matter, which allow him to be born, grow and acquire autonomy by developing mind and conscience. A conscious mind feels the sense of responsibility towards the investment that has been made to animate and support it; it understands that reciprocity means to give back as well as to receive, not by saying thank you but by doing something really useful. The restitution is fruitful if we improve what we have used (nuclear energy and organic substance). The ‘fair restitution’ is to improve the value of ourselves and our existence, giving the right recognition to our origin, which is cosmic as well as planetary.

In the thought of being a portion of cosmic identity, the concept of human identity widens and becomes the sum of two identities, a physical one (mind and conscience) and a subtle one (soul and spirit). At this point we access the fundament of living ethics, where the enrichment of the physical identity is to find our own subtle counterpart.

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