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Mental Totems
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Collective idols are models culturally experienced and traditions socially shared.

An idea shared by many men creates big and small mental aggregations (eggregore) and this makes it an immortal giant. We must specify, though, that the persistence of an idea is not a guarantee of quality or virtue.

Indeed, there are monstrous totems which are really difficult to get rid of.

Ideas have a destiny, too, which usually doesn’t match that of the creator because they are too short.

Some of them stay alive for a long time but most of them fade quite quickly and they are forgotten soon. This is the natural selection of ideas, where only the most energetic thoughts survive.

Since the people who conceives them are imperfect, it can happen that the totems of big and small human aggregations are in conflict and their followers fight to support their convictions.
If the opposition becomes intolerant or bloody it is a demonstration that the quality of an idea doesn’t depend on the vehemence of the proselytes, but on the effect that it produces on the heart of the receivers.

Freemasonry represents the freedom from cultural and religious fetishes through the demolition of two pillars: ignorance and intolerance.

The demolition of cultural and ideological totems that keep man stuck in conformism and hypocrisy is strictly connected to the subject of purification and mental liberation.




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