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Q: we host endless sub-personalities, sometimes made of many other sub-personalities (personally I have known only some of them)… how to exclude all the others?
A: Dear friend, I think that this subject is the modern key to the only ancient initiatory and operative system that allows the true ‘transformation of the essence’. From the text I extracted two concepts addressed to the field of research that I like the most.

It is absolutely true that there are sub-personalities. They are part of our identity and they must be ‘retrieved’ in order to use their energy in events more suitable to inner growth.
Our identity, viz. the way we see ourselves, what and who we think we are (substantially illusory visions) is the sum of many lesser identities; the first ones are those given to us (imprinting) by family (son, brother, sister, cousin, grandchild, friend, etc.) and by education (pupil, student, sport player, playmate, etc.). They then multiply in the new family roles (boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, father/mother, in-laws and, why not, lovers, etc.), new social roles (poor, rich) and professional roles (soldier, lawyer, cook, etc.).

In short, we become what we practice, think, say and believe. So many ‘appearances’ originate behaviors that are, so to speak, interchangeable. It follows that in Us there are many others ‘little us’ (sub-personalities); once they are useless, we should decide what to do with them. Destroy them, expel them or get rid of them? Absolutely not.
We shouldn’t have any reactions dimmed by moralism, which doesn’t have any initiatory basis. We should ‘welcome’ them, because sub-personalities are energetic part of us; if they are left unused they must be recovered otherwise the energetic waste will impoverish mind and body.
Let’s take the example of money. It is a materialized energy able to move people and events. If we tie up parts of the capital by spreading it in many deposits without a purpose or a use, most part of it will become ‘virtual’. Those useless bonds will lead to an ‘impoverishment’. Therefore it would be economical to ‘retrieve’ the spread money and bring them back to the initial capital in order to invest them in a more profitable way.
In our case, the recovery of energy ‘invested’ in inert stations, like many sub-personalities are, would be an ‘elixir of long life’. This is not difficult to understand. Certainly the praxis must be carried out thoroughly, in ‘alchemic’ processes where man is the athanor and the fire is the will (see illumination). We must recognize that all the symbolism that we have inherited from the past talks about ‘energies’ under different forms. If we like, Morale as well (not moralism) is energy of love.

The subject is quite big and many essays in the Mental Alchemy section in this site (see) try and illustrate the method to recover those ‘energetic capitals’.
The point is that ‘recovering them’ is not important if we don’t know how to use them.

The best investment is to use the (mental) energy as combustible to light ‘sleeping’ parts, following praxes reinforced with time which use mind, will and conscience. These are three aspects to use in order to develop the physical identity that must be joined to the subtle conscience, until we complete the re-integration of man in the spiritual planes.

by Athos A. Altomonte

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