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Towards inner transmutation

by Athos A. Altomonte

The initiatory teachings in the Eastern and Western hemispheres share the duty to recognize oneself not only as an ephemeral physical entity, but also as an expression of eternal energy.

A fundamental principle of secret Doctrines is that part of the conscience remains in the material impermanence because it is reflected in the divine image.

The will to be aware again of this spiritual reflection is the premise to the operation of inner mutation called ‘Initiation'.

V.I.T.R.I.O.L. V isita (visiting) I nteriora T errae (the inner earth, the unconsciousness, the personal hell) R ectificando (rectifying) I nvenies (you will find) O ccultum L apidem (the hidden stone, your true essence). This is the explanation of the postulate of initiatory metamorphosis that can be found in the Work in White of the Spiritual Alchemist.

Freemasonry talks about reconstruction of the inner temple and transmutation of metals, therefore the ‘duty' to refine feelings, material ideas, passion, desires.

This ‘duty', though, is difficult to accomplish because the influence of profane culture is still strong and it makes it difficult to follow the inner method. The latter has little use except in single cases that mark the distinction between initiation and exoteric initiation.

This difference emerges in the following text:

‘…the Mysteries are not revealed through external information, but thanks to the refining process carried out in the mental energy of the disciple, which enables him to recognize what is hidden. A mechanism of revelation makes him aware of the existence of inner channels of activity that move irradiating and magnetic energies. The initiate is supposed to have and use these instruments, because he created them himself through many cycles of incarnation…'

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