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The metastases of counter-initiation

by Athos A. Altomonte

Q : The color black, chaos, life…the path starts from its death… but isn't black the start of the work? G.

A : Every thought can be developed from different perspectives, whose features depend on the mental choices that the builder (of ideas) makes. Each choice brings ‘the signs' of his abilities as well as of his limits. Therefore every perspective is a ‘certificate' of the abilities of the thinker, sketching an ‘inner radiography' of his mental identity.

Once established the principles, I will explain my choice to avoid the line of symbols and metaphors and to approach another path. I want to continue the reasoning started by G. by asking: ‘if life originates from death, how is it possible that death is ‘dead'?'. To say that death is the ‘end of everything', the absolute negation, it is nonsense from an initiatory point of view; likewise it is nonsense to say that black is a non-color. To say that ‘death is death' and black is a ‘chromatic nothing' is a blunder of profane culture, which we all depend on. But this is a paradox for a forum that deals with metaphysical subjects. Science and conscience can't be touched; likewise the development of initiatory knowledge or the identity of the soul.

Therefore we must find the answers for the meaning of death elsewhere, perhaps in the perspective that it is the cradle of life, which is the truth. The reasons for death should be found in the principles of the initiatory teaching. We should avoid positivist theories; we should also avoid the dreamers' theories, viz. the so-called oneiric culture of myths and popular imagery. Initiatory science is an ancient science, not a fantasy of exoteric as well as anthropomorphic cults.

It would be fair to look for the reasons of death in the reasons of life, since death is life and life is (apparent!) death.

I refuse the absurd belief that black is nothing and death is a lifeless status ; I want to push the matter beyond exoteric symbolisms, which can only hide the absence of answers. Devitalizing the wish for answers is an old fault of religions; they create a closed system made of paper but not light and give well-worn and unverified answers. This is not the initiatory line, which uses research to access intellectual light (development of mind and conscience) and then spiritual light (development of the heart). Here we have reached the research element.

It is a fact that for some people esotericism is not a vocation of the intellect, but a pastime to beat the dullness of a life, to fight loneliness by acquiring random notions. Reality is different, though.

The esotericist looks for answers proved by evidence and he definitely avoids exoteric masking. Therefore his ideal condition is to be a re- searcher . Whilst the task of the initiate is to provide ‘conclusive' answers. Unfortunately, many ‘esotericists' are not researchers and many ‘initiates' without answers cherish undefined symbolic forms. This is the origin of the shadow world of ignorance where metastases of counter-initiation spread. Its only antibody is the light of intelligence.

Without research there isn't discovery , a Master teaches us. Without a consistent, serious and deep research there isn't any Cult-ure (from the Cult of Ur, the spiritual sun placed in what is in fact called solar plexus). Without cult-ure conscience flattens on the ‘report sciolism'. That is the tragic chain letters of ‘I've heard that' that destroys individuality and deprives it of the ability to discriminate.

To acknowledge this problem is a duty of the people who call themselves ‘initiates'. To react is a hope that many of us nourish in solitude.

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