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Indra, the ‘Yoga of synthesis’
A new group is being created (the new Group of Servants of the World); they will develop a new ‘yoga’, with schools that will gradually replace both Raja and Bhakti Yoga.
The teaching will be opened only to those who have learnt to control mind and emotions. The method won’t be either easy or quick and it will be suitable only for those who have reached the condition of conscience of coordinated and intelligent personality.
Its fundamental characteristic will be synthesis, its goal the conscious development of intuition. This will be accomplished through two rules:
First: development of intuition and true spiritual perception.

Second: expert use of the mind as an instrument for interpretation.

In the book Agni Yoga a part of the new teaching filtered, although limited to the aspect of will.
The ‘yoga of synthesis’ has not been described as yet.
After the ‘Bhakti Yoga’, viz. the union reached through devotion, today among the advanced Disciples prevails the learning of the ‘Raja Yoga’, viz. the union through the power of mind.
Talking about union through synthesis seems redundant, but in actual fact it is not. It is the union obtained by identifying with the whole (empathy) and not through a process of realization or pursuing a vision.
Mind this distinction, because it is the key to the next human progress.
The yoga of devotion was taught by Bhagavad Gita.
Patanjali gathered the rules of mental Yoga.

The Gospel tells about realization, but the secret of identification hasn’t been divulged yet. It is kept by a few who are part of the new Group of mystics and experts that is integrating with the Plane of Fire (Agni).
It will be produced in the furnaces of their individual experiences and then given to the world. It is not time yet, though. The Group must first of all get stronger and improve both its ‘knowledge’ and its ‘intuition’.
What is it that can prevent anyone from belonging to this Group?
There are four and only four reasons.

First: the personality is not coordinated with Self. This means that the physical mind is unprepared and the intellect lacks vigor (1st ray).

Second: the sense of separation, distinction, being different or alien to one’s simile.

Third: the adhesion to a particular and distinctive creed which, no matter how good it is, it inevitably causes separation because it excludes any other vision.

Fourth: ambition and pride.

What is needed to qualify, then? One must follow three simple rules:

  1. practice innocuousness;
  2. do not desire anything for the separate self;
  3. find the divine in everything.

These are very simple rules; yet they are very difficult to accomplish.

Edited by Athos A. Altomonte
from the works of Master D.K.

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