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How to purify body and mind – Part one

Purification is a recurring theme in philosophical, religious and scientific environments. It is presented in different ways, but the most common way of decontamination regards the lunar way. The passive perspective deals with contaminations a posteriori, viz. to recover damage that has already occurred. The solar way, which will be dealt with in the second part, will illustrate the active perspective. It recognizes that the increase of will and self-determination are the main means of human dimension.

Dangers of the lunar way

Every dimension suffers (its own) contaminations that eventually interact with the linked dimensions. This means that energetic contaminations don’t know limits and when they adapt they can circulate in every plane and direction.
If we call it cosmic evil, though, we overrate its power and we turn it into an impending reality that seems impossible to avoid. A divine condemnation.

It is not so, though. Like any other ‘virus’, ‘evil’ as well has its antagonist; we must turn to it in order to annul its undesired effects.

In the human dimension the main source of psychic contamination is man himself. The man with a low level of self-conscience is a subdued mind. Man influences himself and others and he is influenced by assimilating low level ideas, words and habits which he can’t manage. Contamination occurs for the lack of self-defence activated by consciousness (self-conscience) and development of intellectual faculties.

Old and new precepts (ethics, psycho-somatic and analytical psychology) teach that the vicinity to poor thoughts poisons the body. Likewise the contiguity with unhealthy deeds poisons the mind. There are no doubts that this concept has been clear since the beginning of the idea of consecration, so much that the purification of body and mind has always been the keystone of every initiatory system.

A good method doesn’t give any results if it lacks the right intention. Man can’t think: I made a mistake and now I’ll try and patch it up, hoping it will work. It doesn’t work. It would be like doing something reprehensible thinking that there is a confessor ready to absolve everything. The method is never enough without the intention. Indeed, a strong intention can do what just method can’t.

Efficient methods to ‘cleanse inner stains’ are visualization, sound and, secondarily, the use of perfumes. Of course it is easier said than done, but a theoretical direction is necessary to reach certain results.

We are talking about vibrant tones and sinusoidal sounds; failing that, we can fall back on circular friction (not the touch) of bells, such as Tibetan ones, which are built on purpose. Then we find mantras, which are not prayers but an emission of sounds, whose internal vibration work efficiently on the mind of the person expressing them.

Sound acts on the conscience by changing its structure of thought, exalting the ‘good’ side and depressing the ‘bad’ one. It is a ‘purifying instrument’, like perfumes used ritually. Although not well understood, perfume can become a good corrective for the astral mind, the so called physical reason. It is able to produce exalting or depressing changes on the structures of thought of the relevant pole of conscience.

Among the most effective correctives we can mention the cleansing of the chakras that can be accomplished in different ways, according to the ability and competence of the operator. There is the use of water (see article ‘How to cleanse the chakras’) or the most advanced one based on the use of the inner light, produced by the visualization of the fire element.

by Athos A. Altomonte

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