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How to find oneself

Metaphor of a modern Parsifal
Reasonably, there are many debates about ‘instruments and methods of growth’. Nobody as yet has mentioned where to find the energy to expand the instruments, which are metaphors of mental, animistic and spiritual aspects.
I think that an aspirant can put off studying animistic and spiritual energy, because they are too different, they are independent and they perform their own tasks, which are different from human goals.
Using the political jargon, we can say that until the moment of (real) Initiation, the physical self (not the ego, which is another thing) and the human soul are two ‘converging parallels’. This paradox is justified by the fact that their union is based on similar but different goals. (Real) Initiation means first of all to make the two identities (see physical and subtle identity) convergent. What we need at first is to understand where to find the energy necessary to illuminate the part of human identity in shadow (physical-animal conscience). As a researcher I penetrated this tunnel. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to draw out the route; not in the aspect of erudition (beautiful but useless) but from a practical point of view.
In my opinion when we draw a route from A to C through B the best thing to do is to expound the details, that is what to do and how to do it. We must not forget to point out what not to do and why, to know where to go, to be aware of obstacles to be avoided and to proceed gradually.

I think this is the way to draw a proper outline. This is what someone ‘in search of himself’ must do. The Parsifal in quest of (his) Holy Grail. We must start from the exploring stage, which means to realize what/who we are; what/who we shouldn’t be; what/who we can become. We then start planning the route (included the obstacles) which, starting from our ‘being present’ lead to our being in transformation.

If the goal is (real) Initiation, it is a complex goal, made by several values that we partly know:

  • (harmonious) development of mind and conscience
  • Realization of the inner light;
  • (method of the Presence) to perceive the presence of the soul, starting from the voice of the subtle conscience;
  • To produce the light of reason, of the intellect, until we attract on ourselves the ‘light of the soul’, by the law of attraction of similes (this is Initiation).

The ‘Light’ that we find at all its levels of manifestation (reason, intellect, Ego, soul and spirit) corresponds to different qualifications of energy (see science of sound: silent frequencies and vibrations compared to sounds and tones). We are back to the question: where to get the energy from in order to move the first steps? The answer is: by transforming sexual energy.

Those who are familiar with the subject will know that libido (sexual energy) becomes Eros. Eros turns into psyche (reason) to become Psichč (intellect of the platonic soul) and so on.

The next question is: what can transform sexual energy (in the East Kundalini) in creative potentialities and light of the intellect? The answer is: only will. Therefore we can say that the will is the ‘stone’ on which to build oneself.

Conscious will shapes and changes the telluric energy; it moves it from a position of (spiritual) unconsciousness and, by looking for the contact with the soul, it reaches the illumination of the lower substance (the physical self).

It is important to remember the two catalyzers that allow this operation (called sublimation in alchemy). From the bottom, viz. on the plane of the physical mind, the energy is catalyzed by conscious will; on the other side, viz. on the plane of super-consciousness, the higher Ego is the catalyzer, which is an instrument of the soul. Initiation is the re-unification of two giants, which are the physical and animistic soul, through the Will of the Ego which, together, make the Free Will.

Certainly a few lines can’t give an exact image, they can only give an idea. The people who feel touched by the formula of becoming ‘researcher of oneself’ can refer to mental Alchemy to find useful information about the research, which must be practical as well as theoretical.

By Athos A. Altomonte

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