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From knowledge to mental liberation, stage 13

The Great illusion of the sensual Way

«All that satisfies is seducing and all that is seducing is attractive»

Astral conscience lives on its dreams; it falls in love with them and it becomes their center. Common egocentrism and generalized egoism originate from the idea of centrality. These aspects increase the wish for supremacy of big and small interests and monopolies of economical, political and religious power.

Absolute centrality is the Great illusion of man, who fancies himself at the center of the world and the universe and that all things relate to him. Using a modern language, we might say that the great illusion is the delirium of omnipotence that rules the astral mind to hide from its uncertainties. Therefore the basis for all this is fear. It is the fear of being born, of living, of dying.
In a delirium of narcissism little big men say that they possess (see pos-sesso ) the ‘supreme Truth’. They forget that the ‘Truth’ on the physical plane doesn’t exist.
Even if we admitted that a mind can reach the ‘supreme Truth’, it should be reduced to a finite concept in order to be received and contained. It would become an emotional shred buried under a pile of mirages called ‘opinions’.

In the levels of conscience ruled by the concrete mind there isn’t a ‘Truth’ but many particular truths suitable to match many points of view.
Particular truths are in actual fact circumscribed realities and they constitute the wide, multi-colored and relatively deceitful panorama of the astral plane.

Rebelling against illusion
The initiatory experience teaches that evil and illusion can be defeated with detachment, by maturing a mental position above the involved parts. A mental vision that observes its emotional excesses as if it was a stranger ends up by detaching from the domain of feelings and bad habits. Emotional detachment doesn’t mean, though, indifference. It is rather like observing the life swarming in an aquarium. We shouldn’t turn Good into a reason for cult or a totem to adore.
Good must be practiced by joining heart and mind, which are two different kinds of intelligence (See Secrets of the Aura, part 1). It is necessary to triangulate the energies of the two centers in order to practice the inner methods which are the purpose of the study of this subject.

By Athos A. Altomonte

In Italian there is a play on words that can’t be translated into English. ‘Possesso’ means ‘possession’, but the word split in two ‘pos-sesso’ gives the word ‘sesso’, which means ‘sex’.

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