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From knowledge to mental liberation, stage 5

Integration and dis-integration from the social group


For a long time man is a social animal; he is prone to submissiveness and he wishes to please the other elements of his group. This helps the assimilation of cultural, social and ideological models without the beneficial filter of critical analysis.
Conditioning and conformism derive from the habit to imitate the principles of the group, in order to be accepted by the social crowd.
The integration with our ‘dis-similes’ seems like a good protection from isolation; in actual fact the man with no similes at all is imprisoned in schemes which are not his own and this makes him frustrated and aggressive.


When Man becomes a social individual, criticism, neither tiresome nor obsessive, moves in the search of the truth and man inclines to realism. Intellectual realism (see ‘The realism of the initiatory way’) is the evolution of criticism of an emotional kind, which becomes a good shield from psychological subjections and generates a barycenter of independent and conscious judgment.
Consciousness is the silent space where will appears; it is not stubbornness nor obstinacy, but mental strength. When the will (*) joins ethical intelligence, it becomes the picklock of dis-integration; it frees from old models and breaks any subjection with demagogy. A conscious will is the right introduction to Free Will, which means an ability of judgment ‘free’ from any emotional subjugation.

The disintegration from a lesser environment doesn’t mean loneliness; it is the introduction to integration to a greater one. It is not possible to evolve by keeping old habits or unsuitable frequentations. This rule must be remembered by all those who would like to get in touch with more advanced identities.

(*) Practicing concentration, such as deeply visualizing a concept, strengthens the will; without the latter, physical reason can’t go further than a certain point. Through mental will we build the link between ordinary conscience (physical identity) and extraordinary conscience (subtle identity). Nothing originates by chance; therefore we must learn to use the will in order to awake the latent abilities that every man has, more or less.

Athos A. Altomonte

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