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From knowledge to mental liberation, stage 4


Inner progress is determined by a series of identifications (I am this, I do this). The ability to distinguish them accelerates the process of growth and expressing many of them increases the chances to expand one’s conscience. Identifications develop around states of conscience which, once reached, must not be considered as the goal but rather the starting point for growth. The result of a growth shouldn’t be considered as fully satisfying, but a push to grow even more.

A healthy ambition is the means used by evolved men to keep refining their abilities. They are the toughest judges of themselves and never try and hide from it.

The less evolved man, on the contrary, flees. He avoids his own faults. He clings to a present that he wouldn’t want to change ever or that he would like to change all of a sudden. He avoids responsibilities and he doesn’t question himself, because he’s afraid of the wavering certainties at the base of his fictitious identity. Evolution, though, means a continuous change; where everything changes we must learn to live with alterations, doubts and uncertainties. The evolved man doesn’t stop transforming himself but he complies with the drives of his conscience; like a boomerang, the latter makes a wide circle and then it re-starts heading to the direction of its subtle origin.

Athos A. Altomonte

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