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Occult symbolism of the American Dollar

The image on the one-dollar bills is called «The Great Seal». It represents a truncated Pyramid with a Delta on top; at the center of the Delta there is an eye. Seventy-two bricks make the Pyramid, divided into 13 levels and surrounded by the writing: «Annuit Coeptis» and «Novus Ordo Seculorum».

The image on the one-dollar bills is called «The Great Seal».

It represents a truncated Pyramid on whose top there is a Delta (called Solomon’s triangle, symbol of Divinity); at its center there is an eye (the Eye of Divinity). Seventy-two bricks (7+2 = 9, number of Masonic perfection) make the Pyramid, divided into 13 levels and surrounded by the writing: «Annuit Coeptis» and «Novus Ordo Seculorum».
The eye at the center of the Delta, as Kenneth Grant explains, «can be linked to the Hebrew word Ayin, number 70 of the cabbala, which, like 7 x 0, represents the most material aspect of the number seven, viz. Sevekh, Venus».

This is the symbol of the Order of the Illuminati.

The idea to print the Great Seal on the one-dollar banknote went through Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, all freemasons. The project came to ‘light’ only in 1933, under the presidency of Roosevelt, a freemason as well, awarded with the 32nd degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

«The Great Seal» is also displayed in the Meditation Room of the U.N. headquarters in New York.

The «Order of the Illuminati» was founded on the 1st May 1776 by prince Jean Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830), who at the time was 28.

The symbol of the Order was a «dot at the center of a Circle». This seal took the meaning of an ancient Egyptian symbol linked to the Mysteries of Osiris (the spiritual Sun) and his son Horus, symbolizing the physical sun.

Prince Weishaupt, founder of the Order, had been educated by the Jesuits who, exactly during that time, had been imposed by a papal boll to dissolve. This measure would be revoked much later.

Prince Weishaupt was, at the age of 20, professor of Canonic Law in Ingolstadt, his home city. He developed there the ideas that led him to build the most important secret society, which had the aim to fight a world based on social injustices and re-organize its rules.

Weishaupt’s fundament was that «Every man able to find the Inner Light in himself can become the same as Jesus, viz. Man-King…». He adds that «…materialistic religions are founded on deceit and chimeras that make man weak, fawning and superstitious. All in the world is God and the world and God are one thing». Furthermore: «in order to reach an ideal form of society, we must go through the experience of an authoritative society that can make us understand the values of freedom.»

Weishaupt stated that in an unfair world: «…everything must be destroyed without any consideration, only thinking: as much as possible and as soon as possible».

Cadet-Gassicourt in his book on the ruin of the Templar Order, called Le Tombeau de Jacques de Molay (1797), reports the oath of the Illuminati: «…demolish the authority of monarchy; abolish the secular power of the pope; preach the freedom of peoples and found a Universal Republic…» (The same promise to demolish monarchic and theocratic dictatorships can be found in the oath of Knight Kadosch, 30th degree of the Scottish Rite).

For this reason many conformists like Haugwitz and Wollerner will denounce the «conspiracy of the Illuminati against Monarchies and Churches.»

According to the experts, the Illuminati are still active today. In their catechisms they still teach that: «…our strength is in the secret…, for this reason today we are still perfectly organized.»

Ted Gunderson, a Los Angeles FBI agent, said that the Illuminati: «Are present at an international level, especially in the United States…»

Doc Marquis, an ex-Satan priest, stated that:«…the Order of Illuminati is the most powerful secret organization ever existed and the head of the movement is in Scotland.»

This Satanist lives in hiding because he is afraid of being killed after he said that: «…Satanist groups receive orders from the Illuminati…».

An accredited journalist of the Washington Post wrote: «…it is possible that there is a huge conspiracy plotted at a European level; as we have seen, this is not a myth but a reality.»

At the beginning of the century Jean A. Weishaupt, the founder of the Order, described the Illuminati as follows: «… rather than a constituted order they are a think tank, which can operate under several coverings, names and political commitments.» The Illuminati gradually took control of the most important Orders, up to affecting the whole network of secret societies.

How the symbols of the Order are represented on the USA uniform

The order includes 13 degrees, divided in three classes called Nursery, Masonry and Mysteries.

In the Nursery we find the degrees of Novice, Minerval and Illuminatus Minor.

In the Masonry we have Illuminatus Major, Apprentice, Fellow craft, Master, Scotch Novice and Scotch Knight. Finally, in the Mysteries there are the degrees of Epopt, Regent, Magus and the supreme degree of Man-Rex.

All these symbols are represented on the USA uniform.

The Pyramid is the symbol of Freemasonry and the thirteen initiations of the Illuminati are recognizable as below:

  • in the 13 stars of the aureole surrounding the Eagle;

  • In the 13 stripes on the shield;
  • In the right claw (masculine side) of the Eagle there is a branch of olive tree with 13 stems and 13 olives;
  • In the left claw (feminine side) the Eagle has 13 arrows;

  • The sentence «E Pluribus Unum» is made by 13 letters;
  • The Pyramid is made by 13 layers of stone;

  • The sentence «Annuit Coeptis» is also made by 13 letters;
  • The sentence «Annuit Coeptis» means «The Divinity consented».

The writer Philip J. Farmer, author of «Inside-Outside» writes that «…super-human powers rule, from the top of a cosmic Pyramid, visible and invisible governors, who guide the evolution of the stellar and planetary systems and of all the beings that live in them, included men.»

The Eagle, like the hawk, is one of the symbols used to represent the God Horus (physical solar Divinity, symbol of the wisdom that enlightens the conscience of the Initiate), son of Osiris (solar Divinity, symbol of spiritual light) and of Isis (lunar Divinity, symbol of the physical conscience, who can only find the Light in the reflection of the groom-brother Osiris).

The sentence «E pluribus Unum» (out of many One) on the ribbon held by the Eagle’s beak, means that the teaching of the Illuminati will be spread to all nations, until it will be a universal government. The mot «Novus ordum seculorum» means indeed «New eternal order».

The date MDCCLXXVI (1776) written at the base of the Pyramid, is the year of foundation of the order.

The choice of the value of the note (1 Dollar) on which to impress the signs of the Order might have been determined by the fact that a small value note is more common among people than a big one. This choice might derive from the decision to use the economical power for reformist and revolutionary goals.

Therefore the financial power is used as an instrument to destabilize dogmatic and illiberal powers based on the idolatry of human personality.

Epiphanius writes about the emblem of the Senate of the USA: «…the Masonic symbolism is obvious, from the Phrygian cap of Mithra’s cult used by French revolutionaries to the 13 Pentalphas of the shield and the lictorian fasces, which are an Etruscan symbol.»

The writer Carroll Quigley from Georgetown university, in the volume «Tragedy and Hope» describes the tragedies of a powerful secret lobby that works «to create a financial system that determines the international economical – and therefore political – system.»

A sign of this relation is the Council for Foreign Relations. Among its purposes it has to align on the same strategic axis the economical policies of countries such as Japan, Canada, United States and the European Community.

According to some, the Council for Foreign Relations is supported by groups of international banks that can be linked to the ‘Secret Brotherhood’ that rules the Order of the Illuminati.

Therefore the Council for Foreign Relations should be able to control the world economic policy and ensure the financial balance.

The reporter Paul Scott reports the thought of an exponent of the Council for Foreign Relations and he writes: «Kissinger says that by controlling food we can rule people, but by controlling energy and oil we can rule the financial systems of the world. Therefore, if we put food and oil under the supervision of an international monetary order, it is possible to realize a world government that enjoys the protection of the United Nations.»

Carl Schmitt, philosopher of law and Max Weber’s disciple has this goal in mind when he describes the UN as: «…the germ of an utopist world government. A new ’Union of the World’ on which the men’s hopes for peace focus.»

Rockefeller commented the subject by saying:

  • there is a cooperation like this;

  • it has the purpose to create «a world economic government»;
  • the obstacle to overcome is the «national ultra-conservatism».

Athos A. Altomonte

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