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The first occult center of initiation

by Athos A. Altomonte

Eastern tradition in its purest form teaches us to explore the highest levels of knowledge, starting with recognizing and realizing the inner reasons that can join mind and will for action. The reason of the aspirant is to start the first occult center of initiation, viz. the cardiac center. From here the process of energetic and emotional cleansing starts.

Knowledge, integrity of intentions and will for action are the fundamental elements to free the astral aura (emotional conscience) from the accumulation of psychic sediments of the past, which affect the ability of judgment and choice, although unconsciously.

Through the intelligence of the heart the neophyte knows the trials he will have to face. He is not alone, though. There is always ‘someone' who accepts the task of accompanying him and sharing his own ‘Bread of Knowledge'.

The Bread of Knowledge

Bread is the symbolic form used to represent the spiritual Teaching.

Wine poured in a cup symbolizes the spirit that, from the universal container, is transferred into the material container made by man. The ‘Bread of Knowledge' is the nourishment that will strengthen the influence of the soul on the physical mind. Wine is as thick as the subtle substance of man and as volatile as his spirit.

By feeding on the ‘bread of knowledge', the neophyte grows with the ability to understand and want. By discriminating truth from falsehood he will develop the necessary reasoning to choose the quality of his own destiny. All this will be done sooner and better with the help of ‘someone' who has accepted the task of helping him, guiding him during the time when the eyes of his mind are still ‘blinded' by the physical matter. To break the ‘bread of knowledge' and to share it with someone who doesn't have it yet, means to share the best part of oneself with the others. It means sharing the teachings in order to refine the conscience and to make it able to communicate with the higher Ego which, by reflecting the light (intelligence) of the soul, works as an inner Master.

Once the ‘bread of knowledge' is offered and accepted, a pact of brotherly solidarity and reciprocal recognition is born. The guide is recognized and he recognizes the appeal of the aspirant and responds to it, accompanying him in the trials he must face to progress on the initiatory path.

A guide doesn't interpret but he transmits the principles of the same teaching he received, helping to understand it through his experiences. The Teaching is transmitted by association of ideas , keeping in mind the differences between initiate and disciple. These differences are overcome by the spirit of solidarity and reciprocal recognition.

From an ethical point of view to accept a disciple means to share his mistakes, even big ones, due to his superficiality or improvidence, or to the abuses he could commit through the knowledge received. The initiatory path is long, though, and the cases of mistakes are almost exclusively during the first part of it.

Athos A. Altomonte

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