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Humility before dipping the pen

…Apart from any expected speech often laden with rhetoric, I think that MLs can help everyone by giving advices or useful reports.

Me too, I’d like to expect something more essential from a meeting point of such concepts like those of high degrees Freemasonry, than a simple “yellow pages” exploitation.
Even in the most esoteric(?) MLs we can find gossip, oddness and eccentricities. This can be good for many people, but probably not for everyone.
Starting from the principle that each of us is free “to interpret himself” as desired, it’s important not to limit a media event like Esonet by restricting all its possibilities within vague and general definitions.
Too peculiar presences cause researchers’ silence. We can notice it even now.
However, this doesn’t mean that we want to appeal to a rhetorical recalling of concepts.
Rhetoric is one of the 7 Liberal Arts (rhetoric, grammar, etc.). It’s an old-fashioned and a little pompous way to communicate, but anyway is better than the peculiar and fleeting chattering of esoteric “radio hams”.
Rhetoric is a good instrument of speech, if properly used, that’s to say with a deep knowledge of the subject and an intelligence able to keep the intellectual threshold high.
So, let rhetoric never be expected or boring.
No speech becomes expected because of ideas, but because of the “speaker’s” incapacity. Unable to convey the idea, he ends by “adding” fictitious elements, supported by undefined and undefinable opinions. This is Populism, not rhetoric.
From my observation post I see time flowing away, ruled by people going up and down. Many of them don’t leave any footprint. What has always strucked me about these “invisible men” is a mix of arrogance and lack of preparation. This takes them to positions closer to paradox than to intellect.
As a Master used to say, maybe it should take more humility before dipping the pen.

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