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Clothe the naked. Why?

Clothe the naked. They are not poor; they have stripped themselves of their false knowledge. Give a drink to the thirsty, those who ask for true knowledge. And forgive the intemperance of those who believe you can’t scale Jacob’s long ladder with chatter.

About the ‘naked’, I am not sure how right it is clothing them without the risk of them developing their natural presumptuousness and laziness.

Too often being naked is a result of choice rather than ignorance. I know lots of ‘naked’ people who brandish their condition as if it was a flag. And a fig leaf is not enough to cover their intellectual shame.

I’ve been ‘naked’ myself, but nobody has ever ‘covered’ me, not ‘quenched my thirst’, not given any substantial help whatsoever, until the goal was close enough. I’ve always been lent a hand just at the last moment.

On the other hand, as I have been told, the door opens when the ‘pilgrim’ is on the doorstep. Not for lack of generosity, they told me, but for necessity, because will power alone allows one to overcome oneself.

The initiatory path is neither a path of passion, nor desire, nor wish. It is a path of strength (spiritual willpower). And you need to be strong (will) and prepared (selection), to gain a good degree of experience. There is a reason for this.

The decisive aspect of the ascent is direct experience (empiric way), not some kind of ‘meritocracy’. This happens because the learning process (memory) doesn’t change the essence of the human being, but just his choices according to convenience.

On the contrary – now mind these words – a ‘conclusive experience’ marks the conscience, permanently changing its structure (see ‘fate’).

Here, the ‘secret’ is all in the word ‘mark or to mark’.

To impress your personal mind is something, to mark your abstract conscience (soul) is another story altogether. And these two processes are as distinct as chalk and cheese.

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