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Decline of a religious dream

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q: “…Where has the dialogue with Catholic Church got to?”

A: To describe the situation I think we could use a paradigm that former Italian Centre party used to express: Catholic Church and Freemasonry are “two parallel convergences”. It’s a paradox telling that two similar realities will never meet, because they’re too similar, unless one of them (Catholic hierarchy) will “democratically” accept the existence of the other.

But history teaches that Catholicism is founded on dogmatic features being anything but liberal. So the only possible truth is one’s own, able to smear any other interpretation except his way to read “facts and truths”.

Such politicized interpretations change according to historical and social times, as they’re doing today. By mending the text of Paternoster, they do like in past times: they care about believers just for “practical” reasons and keep on twisting Jesus’ main teaching.


Q: “…What was the historical reason driving Popes to excommunicate?... Shouldn’t it be time to cancel this excommunication?

A: The themes you’re suggesting have been discussed in our Website in the work called: Initiatory morals or apostasy and especially in: Part two, Description of a supposed spiritual disrespectfulness.


Q: “Why many exponents of Catholic Church hierarchy still confirm an “excommunication” for Catholics registered in lodges?...”

A: I think that religious excommunication or political repression are the most evident signs of uncertainty a “Power” can show. When man has no other way to state his ideas, he resorts to violence.

So when “men” of ecclesial hierarchies have been no more able to hide their “deep human nature” to people, and when they veiled it under a supposed “infallibility”, then a reaction of uncertainty started up. It has reached a so deep intolerance, to even more “reveal” their “excessive humanity” and… their fear.
The time of “Myths” is waning, and “legendary” cultures too. So in our present Era of “unstoppable” Communication, a big crisis is taking place in “oneiric cultures”. This is not happening in the peace of reason, but in the explicit violence of emotional fundamentalism.

So I don’t agree as much of what comes from “oneiric cultures”, but I think it’s still the lesser evil. I think that who “sells” his principles through “Faith fairs”, rock concerts or festivals with “jubilating” audiences is still better than anyone “claiming the world’s attention” to his own religious mythologies, resorting to medieval “holy wars” and keeping raising his own God to “Bloody Thrones”.

We hope that this “mutation” process we’re looking at with painful starts, will be soon defeated by the light of reason. That’s not an unbeliever’s materialistic reason, which is just the opposite of credulity. It’s a Reason that belongs to an intellect enlightened by “science and conscience”. This couple refers to: the initiatory Path. It’s an inner path leading to Self-discover (Know Thyself), that isn’t made up of belief, or either disbelief, being both two faces of the same “uncertainty”.

Between the two opposites, belief and disbelief, we can find a Middle Course, shown in the “mosaic” (Mosaic law) of Masonic floor. Like many other hermetic symbols understandable only by who’s able to, the mosaic reveals awkward truths to those who’d like to keep humanity in a “state of subjection” and oppose anyone not feeling like a sheep in the “flock”.
So a New universal Model comes to be necessary. It’s the child of an inner conviction, and not the lesser child of a blind subjection to dogmas in favour of few people.

« Liberté – Fraternité – Égalité » are the seeds the new model comes from. And even if his path won’t be short or easy, there will always be someone who prefers to die for a Big Flag, rather than live dying of fear.



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