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The tower of Babel of languages

by Athos A. Altomonte

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D: [...] Today I need to come back to that way, but in the same time I’m scared of it. My heart goes on, my reason slows down. Maybe the unravelling of the mystery consists in the need that two become one. So here’s my knocking on Temple’s door. Inside it I hope to find the right solvent to merge my two parts together and taste again the Garden fruits. But Isis is more and more charming and beautiful, wrapped in her mysterious pale light. Inside her cloak she can wrap you, too, and let you dandle in her arms [...]

R: The Tarot’s Fool is the man who goes against the mainstream; he doesn’t look for all the Paths, he is already on the Path he wants to walk.
Ways, you know, are endless. They’re as many as mind’s languages and interpretations.

All of them can be useful, but only a few are actually real. So we have to tell the real things from their images. An attraction or sympathy are not enough for a reflection to come true.

The initiatory way is just one, but there are so many reflections of it. So the researcher’s purpose is to find again a synthesis and avoid any substitute that won’t have concrete results in a limited time. But let’s face the formal subject. That’s extremely important, because without setting this question we can’t recognize the synthetic path.

Even M.D.P. often makes use of hermetic and alchemic terminology. What I’d like to point out is that every language is “metallic”.

To learn to “fly” on an easy thinking, and have a view from above (that whole-view called: mental synthesis) we must get rid of metals. They are not only habits, customs or undesirable passions. There’s more to them. We must also get rid of “language pleasure”, or the “pleasure” to think ourselves superior to all because we manage astonishing words.

Any interpretation is limited. For this reason there’s a “danger” of placing all our trust in a specific language.
The specific language can be a real cage for mind, keeping it closed in its conceptual limits and separating it from any other language. If mind has been separated from reality, it is no more able to understand any conception being not expressed in its own language, or in the language it depends on. That’s the Tower of Babel.

What comes of it is that -simplicity- becomes an “essential” gift to see and understand reality for what it really is, and not for what it’s believed to be.
The applicant should also learn how to drop metals from languages.

Languages are made of dreamed images that tally neither in outer nor in inner reality, that is made up of pure symbols.

Any applicant must find again a simple language and an essential thought. To do this he must -learn- themes of several languages, and raise himself intellectually above them. He will hold all of them, being submitted to no one.

Getting free from languages’ appeal (main Maya vehicle) means to approach a mental synthesis (see The confusion of minor languages).

The thought synthesis is the “neutrality” that makes perceivable (the voice of soul) as supermundane that idea called Ego.

Yes, Ego and soul are just Ideas plunged into matter.


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