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First thought:
I only wanted to specify the idea of ‘happiness’: perhaps we both mean the same thing, but when you talk about happiness I’ve interpreted it as the earthly ‘happiness’ that we all have experienced and we often do in our lives, because of some events and situations; to me this doesn’t have anything to do with the deepest joy originated by the CONSCIOUSNESS of the Whole.

Second thought:
In January I was depressed (it was a long time since it had happened again) following a long period of stress and tension. I got through it tooth and nail, also thanks to some therapy… I have started opening my heart, working on the chakra which has always been as tight as a fist; I’ve then started irradiating love and light… I’ve had the first sensation of the Unity of things and of the non-separation.

Dear friend,
In the two selections you will find the answer I meant to give you.

In order to find the inside we must ‘fix’ the outside first. Furthermore, there is no boundary between earthly joy and celestial happiness. The difference, if any, is not the happiness but its quality.

Through this morale we can understand that if there’s no peace in the lower plane (outside) we won’t find the door for the higher plane (inside).

As any good explorer (not in a metaphorical sense, this time) I’ve learnt that we must put one foot in front of the other in order to advance. To see the goal from far away doesn’t mean to be there.

Therefore I believe that if we are unhappy and aggressive on earth we can’t reach the status of inner peace that allows us to feel the inside. In this field suggestions are not desirable.

Keep loving yourself; it is the only way to love others as well.

And remember not to feed only on words; you need facts as well.

As I keep saying: chatters don’t cook the rice.

I wish you a good work!

Esonet’s Editorial Staff

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