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The Masonic definition of a Builder is not empty. Like a builder of Temples the aspirant, through the help of an ‘architect’ (an advanced initiate) plans how to build his own ‘inner Temple’, that is Himself, through a bridge of conscience that joins the ‘land of personality’ to the ‘sky of the soul’ or pure intellect.

Inner construction, though, like any other construction doesn’t start from the walls or fundaments, but from a ‘perfect project’. The latter must depend on the materials we have available (ourselves, our abilities). Only after we have analyzed our ‘realities’ it’s possible to decide what we can become. Many people don’t want to subject to these realities and fall into the illusion of ‘appearing’. We must then decide, maybe with the help of the ‘friend architect’ but always avoiding contractors, which are only improvised builders.

The fundamental point is then to learn to ‘decide’. If we don’t learn how to decide (it is a refined Art) we can’t start doing! To decide means also to ‘cut’ branches and stems. At the beginning they would be our own branches, therefore there aren’t many people who want to learn how to decide. It is easier to say: laissez-faire, let it go, see what happens. In this way every personal failure will be blamed on someone else, the government, society or God.

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