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God, Monad and Soul
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Q: Can we say that the Spirit manifests the Soul (or Individual Monad) that manifests the lower ego (or personality) that manifests the physical body?

A: 'Monad' is an idea belonging to the old Orient that Plato ‘imported' in the western culture.

Like any other word this as well must be considered as another ‘linguistic convention' to give shape to the idea of spiritual being.

A Master used to say to his Students: God is the Atom of all atoms.

We should start by accepting a non anthropomorphous ‘idea of God' (made at man's image) but as a Central Unit (nucleus) ‘of this universe as well', among many others.

From this central unit (nucleus) [that other languages call: ‘Prime Cause' or ‘Generator', a Trinity where the 1 st aspect is the Generator (father), the 2 nd aspect is the Generating (mother) and the 3 rd aspect is the Generated (son)] its fragments depart; they keep the same characteristics of the original central Nucleus, to which they ‘tend to go back'.

These fragments are the ‘spiritual atoms' that generate the individual Monads (called, in the language of devotion, Sons of God ).

We should accept an energetic (spiritual) dimension outside from any ‘form of representation' and then another (under) dimension (or plane) where only spiritual forms appear ( the Ocean of Fire ) called monads (Sons of God, made at his image and likeness).

Individual Monads are the inner ‘God' that every human being has inside him.

This ‘inner God' reveals the ‘true face of God' to the major Initiate.

With the generation of the individual monad the true ‘exteriorization' in the matter of the spiritual plane starts.

The ‘appearing' of a monad in denser dimensions (energy with slow vibration, see silent sound) activates a series of ‘reflections' that impress (see the word ‘impression' as it is esoterically intended) the substances which the slower dimensions are made of.

In its sphere of influence (see Aura ), the individual Monad (the image of God-central Unit) is reflected, generating a first impermanent form called Soul .

In actual fact, the soul is a second triad that reflects the three superior aspects of its monad , that are:

  • the will aspect (dynamic aspect),

  • the love aspect (attracting or magnetic aspect) and

  • the intelligence aspect (motion and activity aspect, that gives form to the material substances)

The word ‘soul' is a simple definition to represent the function of this triad, that is to ‘move' (give life) forms of material existence and therefore of shorter duration (see wear and tear by friction).

The reflection in the denser matter of this second triad - made by spiritual energy (from the soul), whose 3 rd aspect, the intelligent activity, is the superior Ego or true Self - is the material triad of the physical being, made of Superior thought (conscience of Self or superior Ego) physical thought (personality) and ethereal energy (ethereal body) that supports the physical body.

Some Schools also consider the exoteric part represented by the physical body. In this case the idea becomes a Quaternary.

Since we are ‘transient lives', the levels of impermanence of a soul (or even the shorter one of its inner reflection represented by the superior Ego or true Self) will appear to us ‘everlasting'. But if we could compare their existence to the infinite permanence of a spiritual monad, we would be able to conceive its relative duration; the latter is limited to the accomplishment of the Work of the Monads, called by the mystics: the Work of Consecration of the matter.

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