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The Word on the breath and the spiritual Communion
by Athos A. Altomonte
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Much of what “appears” on Esonet is not casual. Even in the patient description of several kinds of words there is a reason, that is to distinguish one’s own language from others, from the most hermetical to the most refined, up to the inexact, unreal and even devious ones. This summary put in only one place (Esonet), is necessary to let the most perceptive ones realize how, in the meanings “transported by words”, there aren’t all the differences that we think there are.

The differences are due to the many distinctions created by the multitude of human attitudes.

To each attitude a tradition has corresponded. Commonly, though, human attitude is never neat and precise, therefore from a multitude of “half-breed” attitudes a multitude of minor traditions was born. Now we need to re-unite these traditions.

It is time to start the work of “demolition” of the walls that “separate” an Aspirant from another. It is necessary to let the conflicting positions prevail (I am this… and you are that…), or in the best of cases, the differences that make them indifferent to each other.

“Separating” a specific tradition from another and making the minor traditions “indifferent” to the Unique Tradition (see on the Website the text: “The Lost Consecration”) is the Task of the Counter-initiators.

The Unique Tradition is so called because it re-joins in Itself the Mystical and Sacerdotal characteristics to those of Wisdom and Mysteriosophy. It makes this sum the “vehicle” of the major Initiation.

Often, even in this ML, we’ve been “fighting” to defend a “personal” way of expressing oneself. This (I say this… you say that…) is the sign of the fact that one’s personal way of expression is the aspect that separates the Aspirants from each other and all of them from the initiatory Cult-ure (Cult of Ur).

It is a unique Culture and a unique Language, therefore called “universal”.

Every evolutionary level is expressed through a language and each School of thought uses its own.

We must choose, then, if we want to “belong” to our own language or to assume the one that characterizes a School that addresses many, constituting an initiatory Community or Hierarchy.

In other words, we must choose if we want to stay attached to ourselves, our ways of saying, of feeling and of seeing (see egocentrism) or if we “accept” to let us be modeled by a trans-personal and non-separative language.

One day we will see what it means.

For now the discussion on languages is “still” purely academic. It is necessary to delve into details in order to make it clear. For example the instinctive and passional use of the word compared with the use of the Word as Instrument for Initiation and Service. This is surely not an example of cheap esotericism.

The difference between the man who “advances by walking” and the man who “walks without going anywhere” is that the first realizes facts, the second only words. For this reason I will never forget the statement of a Master that became one of the pillars of my progress: chatters don’t cook the rice.

Even though the chatter that we force ourselves to listen to, for reasons of service, are not useful, nor necessary and even less they produce facts (“change of self”), we must not think that words don’t have their right use. Indeed, I’d say they must have a noble purpose. It is not to “reduce in order to simplify” but the exact contrary, that is to “study in order to widen” up to make them an instrument for initiation and, most of all, for service.

To follow this introduction, Esonet will publish an original theme. That of the «Language of the Rays» (see Science of the Rays) in which we face an esoterical side of the use of the word (language).

With the same goal of “re-joining” we will follow with the theme on the «Language sacred to the Initiates» that is not made up by Letters (which are only its exoterical expression), but it essentially consists of Numbers that “hide” occult meanings, accessible only to those who have been “initiated to re-cognize them”.

Numbers, like Symbols, which are their “geometrical expression”, are the old vehicles of the living Teaching.

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