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Esoterical meaning of the Three Classes of Learning

By Athos A. Altomonte

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It is a very delicate task to add notions to the ideas of a Master; I feel quite clearly the “karmic responsibility” of stating something in the name of the living Teaching. In order to “study” the subjects linked with the (real) Initiation, though, it is necessary “to add” new details all the time, but made up with ideas and not opinions.

In the work about the language of the rays we deal once again with the subject of the chaos of the understanding, which every good Aspirant must learn how to cross as if it was a ford.

The Babel 's tower of languages persists, thanks to the initiatory counter-information. This is, in fact, the subtlest and most devious instrument of the black counter-initiation. Confusion still persists today for the adepts of the Great Black Lodge because we are still wrapped up in individual pride.

“Grey ones” is a definition given by Masters such as D. K. and K. H.* to describe the “unreliable”. They are an absolute majority, made up by those who are not completely black any more but they are not white yet. It is among the grey ones, neither black nor white, that the Disciples of the Great White Lodge “stoop” to fight the predominant forces of the Great Black Lodge. The two arrays face each other for antithetical reasons. The white Disciples “appear” to transmit a Teaching through which the grey ones can “free themselves” from the slavery of physical illusion, if they want to. The black Adepts, on the other hand, keep their earthly domain by strengthening the blindness of conscience among the “people of matter”: the “slaves of the world” that Masters affectionately call the “ Prisoners of the Planet ”.

A first step towards inner freedom comes from making as many grey ones as possible understand that before “being” one must “become”. Also how this requires a deep inner transformation that can't be reached by chattering.

This is the sense of the motto: chatters don't cook the rice.


*Note : we must remind you that these names, together with those of all the other Masters, are “ancient names” that don't correspond to Their “actual reality”, that is they correspond to Their actual or next incarnation. __________


The symbolism on the subject is clear. The three Masters of Compassion (compassionate for our being “prisoners” of a mind that is blind because it is “poor in spirit”) that operate on the Three rays of Synthesis (1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd ray), have elaborated many minor images to let understand to the “children we are” the need to progress on the way of knowledge that, just by itself leads to the self-realization of Self (soul).

Master D.K. (I remind you it's not His actual name), in order to communicate this idea to “his children”, elaborated an image of the world divided into “ Classes of Learning ” where each class corresponds to an Initiation.

He has called the first, that leads to the First Initiation, the Class of Ignorance (development of the astral mind) and this is the longest and hardest to cross (many hundreds of incarnations).

He's called the second, that leads to the Second Initiation, the Class of Learning (development of the concrete mind).

The last one necessary to reach the Third Initiation (the fusion with the Soul) has been called the Class of Wisdom (development of the egoic mind that is the access of the individual mind to the buddhic level).

I think that these definitions can't be interpreted but as an invitation to deep learning, avoiding to get lost in the “world of words” that, without Initiation, are nothing but forms of illusions (illusion of knowledge).

M. M. (another non-actual name) transmits the same idea to “his children”, but he elaborates another image: that of a Temple surrounded by a Garden (see the Gardens of M.). The Temple is the central symbol and represents the major Initiation. Entering the spiritual Temple is the allegory of the access to the White Hierarchy (the spiritual level is a dimension of conscience which is inside us and not outside or “above” or “under”).

The Garden in the whole is made by several circles (several Gardens) and each circle represents an “approach step” to the Temple , central symbol of the Initiation.

The Gardens represent the “blossoming of ideas” that the Disciple must learn to cultivate (learning to think, which is not as an easy task as it might seem from the outside), to be “accepted” (Accepted Disciple) in the White Hierarchy (spiritual Initiation).

The access to the Garden is protected by a Gate that marks the passage from ignorance of spiritual blindness (Class or Ignorance), to the will to learn to understand (Class of Learning).

Each Class is the symbolic representation of as many “stages of conscience” that must be elaborated and modified to “transport them” to a higher volute (initiatory spiral).

My method to face the trials of the Class of Learning as quick as possible has been to confide on a very special aspect that I once called the “clever modesty”.

This has been my way of interpreting the will to learn and progress: “stealing through my eyes and ears” all that the best ones “could and wanted to show me”.

“Clever modesty” to me means “to be a sponge”, that is a conscience always ready to “swell” in order to absorb more than its “exterior form” (physical conscience) might seem to be able to.


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