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…despite the “continuous effort” (constant act of will) no change is immediate… and that the model we set to reach is not exactly within reach...

I know that what I’m going to say might be difficult to understand, but this is one of the most truthful aspects of the “sacrifice”. Every disciple must get used to thinking of himself in terms of –evolutionary process- that unwinds through “more than one life”, through a real paradox for which we “advance backwards”. It means that we “advance” in order to “return” to the origins of Ourselves.

This is a more realistic view of the initiatory Path; to consider oneself not so much as a “result” of only one existence, but rather the result of a series of “events” called lives.

... regarding the article about Arjuna (too many the things I didn’t know) and therefore I wasn’t able to grasp “immediately”....

I’m not sure that what you’ve read is the conclusive draft on the text about Arjuna that describes the 12 stages of inner Illumination. The text (published on the site) is a sufficiently deep analysis of all the 12 Yoga of Illumination, of which functions and aims are considered, to be known in order to approach their correct use. there another way to keep intuition alert?

At the “beginning” only the inner push to curiosity keeps attention alert (see waking conscience). Only later, deeper motivation are added such as emulation for the “model of reference”.

It is necessary to pay as much attention as possible in the choice of the first models of reference (see imprinting), because if we get the model wrong we get the address of our journey wrong as well; in this way the final destination will be lost!

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