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Q: Dear Athos, allow me to ask you some questions:

I was looking on the net for something about the Master Hilarion mentioned by A.A. Bailey and I bumped into ….that I recommend you…

Dear Fabio, I don’t see why I should scourer through web sites if I am “happy” with the direct contacts I’ve got, thank you.

Q: … is it ok “the Teaching of the Temple” – Ed. Synthesis?

If “the Teaching of the Temple” is the one I know, it’s ok. Consider, though, that these are layman’s works of modest level, just as modest is the intellectual depth of the audience they are addressed to. In short, if you are looking for real answers you won’t find them there. If you like, at some time I’ll demonstrate why, through the words of the Masters.

Q: What relationship is there between the theosophical work group of Esonet and …

Esonet is not a “theosophical work group”…

The Theosophical Society created and wanted by Blavatsky has been for a long time the instrument for “exteriorizing” the experimental teaching of Three Masters. After the death of Blavatsky and with the arrival of Annie Besant, with all her “eccentricities”, this Society has been abandoned (it has been said and written many times). It started a search for other expressions linked to Disciples close to the Hierarchy (see Alice Bailey, Elena Roerich and more recent ones).

Unfortunately, of the old “initiatory splendor” in the present Theosophical Society, only the philanthropic feeling and a memory of the “good old times” are left. These are overwhelmed, though, by a reproachable “Cult of the Personality” for the late Disciple Blavatsky who, of course, is already re-incarnated in another “corner of Service”.

There is still an old “theosophical teaching” but it is outdated and therefore stale. Just as it happened for the old Yoga, the previous teaching as well is an “instrument” by now enclosed in the advanced “words” of more updated subjects and therefore more suitable to consciences which are more organized than the past ones.

Q: Why is it written that one of the tasks that the Master has towards the Disciple who’ll be able to get close to him is to teach him the four-dimensional use of the centers? If the fourth dimension is time, what does this have to do with the centers?

The multi-dimensionality of the centers is not referred to any temporal factor but to a complex energetic polarity that we could express as: from ++ and - - distribute themselves in +- and +-.

This formula is the “objective” description of the development of the “cardiac center” (transformer of cold energy or cold light) that, before reaching the superior center, the one of the head, must create the energetic bypass called “scapular center” (the myth of the “wings”), whose quadri-polar development leads to the synthesis (1) of the “coronal center”.

As I’ve already anticipated, this energetic multi-dimensionality (7 bodies = 7 chakras = 7 energies) doesn’t have anything to do with the time factor, which is only the subjective aspect of the physical level (level of the material manifestation). It is an aspect that is visible mainly because of the consumption of the physical aspects; without them, time doesn’t exist. It doesn’t appear in any other dimension other than the physical sphere.

In order to demonstrate this assumption, we can see how the principle of eternity is always associated with the aspect of non-temporality.

It is true what you say. This is a subject that develops between Master and Disciple.

In order to know more about it, then, you will have to wait until you’ll meet someone keen on telling you the “rest”.

In the meantime I fraternally greet you
Esonet’s Editorial Staff

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