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Q:…As if you were telling me that there’s something much more “real” than the many pages of books, that is a direct contact with the Hierarchy, indeed source for “first hand news!”

I don’t understand such astonishment.

Isn’t it true that the living Teaching’s goal is not so much to entertain amateurish esotericists, but to “build” the Rainbow Bridge (mentioned in the Genesis as well), that is the metaphor of the conscious direct contact between the personal self and the impersonal Self and between the impersonal Self (or any other way you want to call it)an d the personified idea that Novices call Master? (buddhic level, that is beyond intuitive intelligence, see the article on Dharma).

Consider that when the times will be mature, that is when the audience of the “onlookers” will show that they have risen from the principles of the devotional passivity (see spiritual wait and see), Esonet will be ready to publish the “direct” experience of an advanced Group of Accepted Disciples; this experience are based on the (true) construction of the Rainbow Bridge (so called because it contains 7 rays, therefore 7 colors).

We wait for those signs otherwise we’ll risk of watering seedless waterbeds.

Athos A. Altomonte
Esonet’s Editorial Staff

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