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Q: I would like to ask a further question, if I’m allowed. How come the 2nd ray or aspect of love is not mentioned in the building of the bridge? Isn’t this the aspect that characterizes a big cycle of the solar system?

Can’t the synchronizing in the vibration of this ray help and accelerate the development?

What do you mean by theurgic aspect? Perhaps the use of rituals…

Dear Fabio,
sorry if I haven’t taken all the questions in your message, but for opportunity I’ve only extracted those, that at the moment seemed the most pertinent to the deepening of the discussion.

Incidentally, given that we are talking about the use of the peculiarities of the ray, the method of “communication” that I use in Esonet is, limited to my abilities, the application of the 5th ray.

Introduction to the specificity of the ray
The 1st and the 2nd ray (like the 3rd, the Intelligent Activity, on the other hand) are distinguished by the proper use that must be done of them. That is we must not use a ray instead of another. Echoing a popular motto, then, we might paraphrase its statement: “every ray has its own use, like any use has its own ray”.

About the 1st ray we must say that it is the Ray of Synthesis. This is true for all the manifestations we know. Therefore everything departs from the 1st ray (ONE) and everything goes back to it, re-joining it.

The 2nd ray is by definition the “ray” of the Instructors, Masters and Initiators. They divulge or transmit the Teaching propaedeutic to the initiations to be achieved on the physical level.
Therefore the 2nd ray is the “Path of Teaching and Initiation”. On the other hand, using the same metaphor, the 1st ray is the path of the “Destructors and Liberators”. The rule says that before “Building the new”, the “old must be dissolved or destroyed”. In this way we “free the energy” that was contained and kept in it; this energy will be then re-used to build the “New Forms”.

Therefore the 1st ray is by definition the ray of Innovators and Builders. It is used by Those who “trace the wake” that others will follow.

Priority of the 1st ray
What we’ve said so far, though, doesn’t highlight the possible priority (see hierarchy) of the 1st ray on the 2 following ones. This priority becomes obvious by analyzing the terms (semantic) of the matter. The 2nd ray for example is a ray of “love-wisdom”, that is of unselfish and conscious love. If a conscious unselfish and impersonal love didn’t receive the push of the “will for good” it will remain an inert and waiting feeling, because there wouldn’t be the will to express oneself.

This “semantic game” leads to one conclusion: every aspect would lack of action if it didn’t receive the push of the will to carry it out and put it into practice.

Here, then, appearing in all his evidence the priority of the 1st ray, called “will and power (doing)”.

Wanting to go, wanting to stay. Wanting to do, wanting to change. Wanting to love, wanting to teach, wanting to start. Wanting to help, wanting to give. Wanting to show oneself (GOD), wanting to form, wanting to appear etc. They are all “good propositions” that without the aspect of the will would stay only good inert propositions, without any “truly active” aspect. This is the importance of “wanting in order to do”. But there’s more to it.
The 1st ray is the only ray that is “activated” without any other help than the help from itself.

The Will to want is the affirmation of an “own motus”. I want to want is a sufficient cause to determine an act. Whilst the affirmation I love to love doesn’t necessarily mean to reach a condition of “individual well-being” or “Common Well-being”.

Like it often happens, pursuing a goal, any goal, might remain only a “hope” if there isn’t the Will to vivify the proposition. From this we understand the close relation between the will to vivify a proposition and the soul. Indeed, wanting to vivify a proposition and wanting to “animate” the passivity of a physical form are two very close kinds of will.

In conclusion I will refer to the last question.

The theurgic Work, also called Mystic Work, must not be confused with the cults of popular devotion. The former is the Ceremonial that “moves” heaven (the level of one’s own spirit) and earth (the level of one’s matter).

It is based on the Law of Evocation-Invocation. It answers to the Principle that links the similes of different entity. Therefore an evocation of the major Simile always answers to the invocation of the minor simile.

Whilst the ceremonial theurgy is an initiatory reality, the representations made by the devotional cults are only a “reflection of the illusion”. That is an astral mirage of a spiritual reality, where nothing ever happens and nothing can happen because the two “similes”, the Evocator (the spirit) and the invocating (the Officiant) are not connected to each other.

On this is based the Ars Pontificia which I’ve often written about; according to it the major Initiate is the pontiff between (inner) heaven and earth (himself). This is connected to the 1st ray because through the 1st ray the pontifex (initiate) is able to “generate” forms of thought of spiritual energy.

In conclusion, I strongly advise you against losing time in useless research on the subject, trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel of mass esotericism. Use your time wisely and have a look in the Site at the glossary of Psycho-synthesis. It will make you understand many things. Then, read the text “The Act of Will” by Roberto Assagioli, Venetian psychiatrist, scientist and true Disciple.

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