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Q: I don’t consider these doctrines “weird” because I sympathize with them; but if there are people that think I am deluded, credulous and superstitious, it’s fine by me… I don’t impose…

Dear Alessandro,
from a common point of view what you write makes sense. A liberal never imposes his own opinions, but he defends them resolutely and doesn’t embrace an idea unless it is a free conviction.

So far we all agree.

But there is another matter. It is not about democracy to express opinions, even contrasting ones. We are talking about spiritual Principle. If we look at the subject from an initiatory point of view, that is in the view of the Disciple or the true Aspirant, we need to make further considerations.

For example, if when talking about White Initiation or spiritual Principle (basically the same thing) you were laughed at, I think that the problem should be “solved” by widening your cognitive and discursive abilities. So much that your arguments would be scientifically “armored” and therefore well defensible.

Not for nothing esotericism, that many consider like a “hobby”, is in reality a reduction of the principles deriving from the “initiatory science”.

I repeat “science” and not conviction, not faith and not good intentions.

When facing the skepticism or the derision of the “profane”, we must acknowledge that the problem is not so much their ignorance, but our inability to assert the Principle.

Indeed, it is because of lack of intellectual ability that even the best initiatory and spiritual arguments are despicably underrated and believed to be illusions, mirages or at the most pleasant utopias. A hobby for fools, then?

Things are not like that at all. Despite all, aspirants keep becoming Disciples and these keep becoming Initiates.
I have heard for years this or that man discussing about Masters, without anyone ever realizing that to strongly defend their Teaching means in reality to defend Their Work. Who puts himself in defense of the Teaching becomes a champion of the White Hierarchy.

It is not surprising that the definite duty of a Disciple is to defend his own spiritual Principle; and by defending the initiatory Principle he defends the Master that represents it “for us”.

Esonet’s Editorial Staff

Dear Signor Alessandro,
From what you write in the comment to the above article, you demonstrate that you haven’t got the meaning of the subject at all. You make a personal issue of it and mention ideas that don’t exist at all in the text you are referring to. You say that you don’t even dream of irritably defending anything, but you strongly contradict yourself in the “sense” of what you write; in fact you are defending yourself from an attack of the author which he has never meant, from what I read in the article. Now and again, on this list, we have the problem of making personal what is not personal. But at the end of the day this is the heresy of the separation, to believe oneself the center of a Ptolemaic system, until a bit of consciousness starts appearing in the dense fog of illusion; a fog fed by one’s opinions that, as you demonstrate quite clearly, are based on a completely wrong perception of the elements.

Your “poor e-mail” as you call it, has only been an excuse to express ideas that could be useful to some researchers who don’t worry only about themselves. Therefore it is only you who have overreacted in an offensive manner.
This misunderstanding could be for you a good object for reflection (together with the pseudonym you use for your e-mails) if you decide to take up the way that leads to the initiation. It is useful to all of us, anyway, because it confirms how important the measure is, that I would suggest is a pillar to realize the right proportions and realize when we tend to make ourselves kings of a sand castle.

I wish you a good work.
Adriano Nardi

Dear Signor Athos,
Yours is a fundamentalist vision, or better still a fundamentalist Islamic one. I don’t think that others are inferior to me because they don’t agree with some invented and weird “principle” or whatever it is and I don’t dream of IRRITABLY “defending” anything. I will give you some advice, poor ignorant and stupid as you think I am, together with the five fifth of the world, I think (I’m in good company… just as well): if someone laughs at you LAUGH WITH HIM, HE’S JOKING!

For you others are only little ignorant goats to be corrected, your arrogance doesn’t allow you to see a mind or dignity within them.

My poor e-mail (that wanted to be such in reply of one proposing the problem of comprehension among people) has been corrected by you with the red pencil out of hand. For what you know I could be one of the Masters in person, and they could indeed exercise chastisement (because they are the true INITIATES) and “manage the forum”.

Perhaps I have many more “cognitive instruments” than you, who judge people from a stunted and uncommitted e-mail.

Alessandro Bardi

I am writing with reference to the last message by Alessandro (luminoso 42000) “Defending the Teaching is defending the Master”.
To serve and to do some good doesn’t mean to console crying children by giving them sweets and wiping their noses. It means to take responsibilities, often in karmic terms.

To spread the Teaching means even bigger responsibilities, and they increase according to the people that perceive the Teaching we spread.

The mistakes that involve the subtle planes are due to the personal generosity related to a spiritual relationship, compassion and benevolence esoterically wrong, that is the wish to take people in the world of spiritual ideas and esoterical creativity, sometimes with disappointing results. The answer is strictly the one required by everyone’s evolutionary need and not a recall to spiritual highness unobtainable for someone who is not ready yet.

Like a rose-bud under the burning sun dies, so to take the human Soul to the “sun” of the highest level, where we have the most harmonious vibrations but they might not match the actual physical resources of this Soul, doesn’t bring any positive result; it is indeed very damaging.

For the person that has chosen the difficult way of the Service through diffusion, it is necessary to learn thoroughly that level of spiritual culture that the receiving Soul has, without any possibility of mistake; only in this way he will be productive for the Service.

Dear Adriano, I think that Alessandro is not guilty for not understanding Athos’ message, expressed, by the way, in a very friendly and correct manner; he is not ready yet to perceive the idea contained in it.

I am sure that Athos will explain in terms suitable to Alessandro what he meant in his previous message.

And I am sure that Alessandro, after embarking in this long and hard, but also incredibly important, return journey, will have the great humbleness, typical of the true Souls, to want to learn from everyone, remembering that every person we meet during the way is for us neither a friend nor an enemy, but a Soul in His Infinite, a Master for us.

With love

Equal Distribution Law
Dear Asija, all is good and shareable, in theory. But going to the practice, because it is also about practice, I don’t agree on one point among the mentioned ones, maybe by habit.

We often talk about soul, but soul is completely absent on the physical level but in the condition of the Illuminated (from the soul). That then becomes a personified soul (and personality becomes integrated with the soul).
When the two aspects (physical and metaphysical) join, it is the moment, for the soul, to act “also” on the plane of personality.
The soul is the Thinker, (while the observer is the Ego) and it is not very interested in what the personality, especially if rude, intrigues “in its underground”.
Therefore, without the soul, on its place we often meet donkeys that kick, hiss and jib.

It is fair to feel love for the soul, but the donkey that impedes, kicks and hurts can be quite annoying. Therefore you avoid it, for everyone’s sake.

I think we must go to the point and “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”, that is to give the good one what is fair for the good and the bad one what is fair for the bad (Law of Karma). If someone behaves recklessly you just avoid him and that’s it. Without disdain but also without praise. Avoiding useless sentimentalism.
According to the Law of Equal Distribution if a fruit is unripe, green or sour, you leave it hanging where it is and go on without regrets. So it is said and I do so. Saving my best energies for the fruit that wants to blossom, instead of offering them to someone that surely wouldn’t know what to do with them.

Fraternally Esonet’s Editorial Staff

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