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6 phases and 6 evolutionary stages are necessary in order to build that “bridge of conscience” that creates the relation between the human Being that “aims” to the full liberation and illumination and his own spiritual Monad. We must remember that the opposite contact, that is the link between the Monad and the physical body, already exists and it is called Sutratma.
The Rainbow Bridge, or in Sanskrit Antahkarana, is a stream of conscious thought that “transmits” the Light and the Life of the divine Aspect to the physical self. Therefore, whilst the Sutratma has always existed, the Antahkarana Bridge that must connect the part of conscience identified with the physical plane (individual Personality) to the Self, must be built through the «Will» of the evolved Aspirant. Indeed, his Initiation will be the accomplishment of this building.

In order to comply with this building, the Disciple must realize 6 aspects or evolutionary stages.






6-RESURRECTION and ASCENT (to the inner sky)

In order to focus the energy of the mental plane up to the point of most tension, it is necessary to know and to use all the aspects of the 1st ray (WILL and POWER).

Furthermore, it is necessary the use of the “creative” imagination (see Art of Visualization and active Meditation). We will be able, then, to picture what we want to achieve, how and why, by visualizing the inner positions of the different Stages of work. We will know the results as an effect of our Activity (see Karma); the materials we must work with; the psychical energies and thought structures that we will face and modify, or the most common aspects that are still difficult to manage, like all the situations created by men’s wishes.

The combination between Will and Visualization can give a special power to the common word, so much that it becomes “Word of Power”.

The “power of the word” builds or destroys, creates or disperses. Therefore, the “power of the word” has many ways of use. The most “esoterical” one is called: Evocation-Invocation, in which the sonorous and psychical tension generated by the inferior self evokes the attention of the superior Self or the Solar Angel.

So it is said.

Athos A. Altomonte
Esonet’s Editorial Staff

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